Good Afternoon. Are There Any Other Games Like Darksiders?

Hello everyone.

I have been a huge fan of the Legacy of Kain. series since day one with the original Blood Omen.

I love every game in the series so that of course includes Soul Reaver.

The closest we have ever gotten to a game like Blood Omen or Soul Reaver is the absolutely fantastic Darksiders.

The first game was basically a darky and edgier Legend of Zelda.

So, now that we have that out of the way, where can we call for other dark Legend of Zelda type of games like Soul Reaver and Darksiders?

I can't find many if any at all. The recent reveal of Evil West seems to be the closest we're getting to a another type of game in that style.

I am very excited about this.

However, Legacy of Kain looks like it's pretty much a dead franchise. As much talk as there has been about rebooting or creating new sequels, it never comes to pass. At the most we may get a remaster. A remaster. A remaster of Soul Reaver.

Darksiders on the other hand is in limbo, figuratively speaking but literally in some sense considering that dimension exists sort of in the series. Haha me funny.

I'm actually very worried about the future of Darksiders. It's my favorite IP of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 error and I'd hate to see that die out because of lack of interest. It also has a storyline that has not been resolved and gosh darn it, I'm rooting tooting mad about that. Another game with an unresolved storyline.

Are there any games very close to Darksiders? Are there any games close to Legacy of Kain.

The best example would be a game that emphasizes exploration and puzzle solving and Zelda style traversing maps but with a sort of dark fantasy theme.

I think most of you get the picture here especially the more boomerish of us.

By the way, the only other game I think that sort of comes close is beyond Good and Evil but that's not exactly Gothic or dark fantasy but it does have a sort of Zelda-ish type progression and does have a neat setting sort of. Sadly enough though, Beyond Good and Evil also looks like another franchise that's on its way out permanently.
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Like Darksiders 1 I don't remember. Is the only of the three bunch I really get into in.

Maybe recent hack and slash, IDK.


God of War and Shadow of the Tomb Raider with all the dlc will scratch the puzzly exploration itch.
But not exactly what you are looking for.


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Maybe some of these (I have never played Darksiders though, only a little bit of Legacy of Kain)
I assume you want combat + edginess + puzzle and maybe platforming?

Kinda unrelated, still a good game.


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Good morning. You might want to look into the upcoming videogame God of War: Ragnarok. Have a nice day!
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