Gotham Knights will only launch on PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC




I think it looks good, I like the look of the city. I'm a fan of the superhero genre, so, it's an easy sale for me.

Why is it 30fps? I thought all games had to be 60+ from now on.

After all, the hardware is definitely fast enough. Did you see how fast TLOU2 runs on this thing?

Hopefully there is a performance mode. I can understand them showing the game in quality mode, with everyone always being a critic and all that.
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Cancelling last-gen versions isn't going to turn this into a next-gen game.
Exactly. Why does it matter to people at this point? People can be impressed by a game, then find out there is a last-gen version, and then are no longer impressed.

This is the opposite. The game would be the same either way, but knowing the last-gen versions got scrapped, makes people feel like it's suddenly next-gen.
I just watched the 13.5 minute gameplay trailer and honestly thought this game looked very last-gen in both its visuals and gameplay. It's basically a re-skiined Batman: Arkham Knight to me with new characters and abilities but the core gameplay is very derivative (combat looks very stiff and lacks flow) and the locations look very empty and devoid of people and nothing like, say, Spider-Man, which *is* a last-gen game. So it looks like it was very much designed with the last-gen platforms in mind to me even if this isn't coming out on PS4 and Xbox One.

Not hugely excited for this game but it isn't out until October so hopefully it will improve and we will see more of it in the run up to its release.
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The Skull

If that demo was running on current gen hardware or pc, I'd hate to see how last gen was looking.

Hopefully now those versions have been scrapped, they can actually polish it up as it currently looks like a boring janky visually unimpressive subpar version of the Arkham games.


Heh, so the graphics are essentially the same and no new modes or next-gen features were announced, but by announcing that the past-gen versions aren't planned anymore, that's a good thing because "cross-gen is holding everything back"...?

There would have been no difference between this being current-gen-only now or if it had been announced as current-gen exclusive when it first revealed itself as a title in production. It's the same game. Maybe they did run into some troubles getting aspects to run on the old boxes like they say, but most likely the main reason PS4 and Xbox One versions were canceled was because it's planned to be a multi-year-running project and they didn't want to bother with two more SKUs of diminishing interest to support and get approvals on. (Technically, that could also include more advanced DLC or Seasons that couldn't scale down easily, ala Destiny, but we'll see if it gets there.) PS4 and One product sales are tapering off (you already see some products releasing on PS5, Xbox Series, PC, and no past-gen but also yes to Switch,) and for a GAAS launching at the end of 2022 to have two aging platforms to deal with, likely that will not make sense by the time this game gets running. You the gamer won't notice much difference, and it's not because it was made with a "cross-gen engine" and they couldn't make it better with all the PS4/One baggage they saddled it with; it's because it's a 2021 product pushed to 2022 and that's where technology generally has been on this type of hardware.

I know everybody has their hopes up for a big "true next-gen" explosion, and there are certainly technologies on the horizon which will put distance past what's doable now, but I think you're setting yourself up for disappointment if you're expecting every game to visually appear a whole generation ahead soon just because they stop with any cross-gen releases, Jaguar Cores or otherwise...
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Mr Reasonable

Completely Unreasonable
But it should allow implementation of things like 4 player co-op that may not have been possible due to last gen limitations on the engine.

Yuck, I am ready for 4 player co-op to disappear, I don't think I've ever enjoyed those games. If that's what next gen power us going to be used for, I think I want my money back!

Aside from that, this game looks like the Arkham games I've already played, but worse.
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