GPU Prices Drop Along With Crypto


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Bitcoin and Ethereum have hit record lows this week, approaching $30,000 and $2,200 respectively, which is nearly 50% off both crypto coins' highest values, according to CNBC. The slow but steady drop in crypto prices over the past month has in turn started a chain reaction in GPU pricing, as crypto mining becomes less and less feasible. Compared to last month, we're now seeing up to 11% lower card prices on eBay — and that's before the latest crypto losses.

We've compiled one week's worth of pricing data, from late December compared to the past week, showing a complete list of average GPU prices from eBay. We're only looking at the latest AMD and Nvidia graphics cards, though we'll update our GPU prices with the full month of data next week.

Late December vs. Late January GPU Pricing From eBay

GPU ModelDecember 20th-27th Avg PriceGPUs SoldJanuary 17th-24th Avg PriceGPUs SoldPrice ChangeQuantity Change
RTX 3090$2,829.39312$2,550.86336-9.8%7.7%
RTX 3080 Ti$1,951.33247$1,863.94241-4.5%-2.4%
RTX 3080 12GBN/A0$1,681.229N/AN/A
RTX 3080 10GB$1,804.28416$1,595.41311-11.6%-25.2%
RTX 3070 Ti$1,191.25217$1,185.55241-0.5%11.1%
RTX 3070$1,139.29504$1,084.15349-4.8%-30.8%
RTX 3060 Ti$980.99572$933.63496-4.8%-13.3%
RTX 3060$749.11485$705.01400-5.9%-17.5%
RX 6900 XT$1,503.7745$1,558.92363.7%-20.0%
RX 6800 XT$1,363.5473$1,256.9261-7.8%-16.4%
RX 6800$1,263.1726$1,149.269-9.0%-65.4%
RX 6700 XT$901.37155$848.64105-5.8%-32.3%
RX 6600 XT$640.4998$607.5980-5.1%-18.4%
RX 6600$586.89100$518.6676-11.6%-24.0%
RX 6500 XTN/A0$375.229N/AN/A

On average, nearly every graphics card dropped in price by 5% or more, with a few GPUs even breaking into the double digits — the RTX 3090, RTX 3080 (10GB) and RX 6600 all dropped by 10% or more. However, GPU volume (at least on eBay) also dropped substantially for nearly all GPU models, with only the RTX 3090 and RTX 3070 Ti selling more cards in the past week than in late December.
50% drop in Ethereum. 5% drop in GPU prices. Wow a bargain.

Don't expect much more than that right now. Once we get a date for Ethereum proof of stake I'm sure prices will drop more. And then they will rise again with 40XX cards.


crypto has to crash low enough to be completely uneconomic to mine OR everything has to move away from proof of work....

we`re still far away from both of those points (despite the Ethereum handler`s continued promises).


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Ah, I see, they went from very expensive to ....still very expensive

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Eth 2.0 should kill this mining shit anyways. It's slated to release June 2022. I really hope it hits and ends the mining so gamers can finally get some GPUs.


I invested about 300 euros in crypto a year ago. I thought i will either earn some extra money so i can buy an expensive GPU, or i will lose most of that money but the GPU prices will drop as a result of crypto dropping so i will be able to buy the same GPU but cheaper.

Not sure if it's a win/win or lose/lose situation. I just need a damn GPU.


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Will eth 2.0 really solve the problem though?

ETH has become big, but don't forget that BTC probably will always use Pow.

Boy bawang

There a few words to describe how much I despise the mining of crypto currencies, which is literally just pointless energy-hungry sudoku solving.

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Prices are still insane. I can't wait until the crypto bubble bursts. It's only a matter of time, I don't think it's actually viable as currency and people will catch wise to that eventually.



NVIDIA RTX 3080 GPU Prices Fall Of A Cliff Overnight In Australia, Global Prices Should Follow​



I love that there has been stock for a few weeks now, and almost nobody is buying at these prices, even the scalpers are returning their cards. :messenger_grinning_squinting:


Or is it just one of Phil's balls in my throat?
Still too damn high.

How long until they're close to the actual retail ?

Do I really need that gallbladder?

Where does one go about selling some extra skin that doesn't involve possibly waking up without a kidney in a bath tub ?
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I sold my 3070 in february this year for 2x than what I bought in in nov 2020. And it payed for itself along the way mining ETH in 6 months (after that pure profit).

Best deal of my life :messenger_grinning_smiling:


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With mining profitability so low, finally GPU prices are almost at MSRP.

AMD Radeon RX 6000 and GeForce RTX 30 cards are still not at MSRP, but they are very getting close

And with RTX40s having the new drivers for LHRv4 they likely wont be profitable for a long time.
I expect MSRP or thereabout on RTX40s till they can break LHRv4.....better yet with the lower memory bandwidth on the RTX40s they likely will be an RTX20 situation where they just arent profitable and people with RTX30s will be able to sell their RTX30s for basically MSRP even with RTX40s in the wild.

Hold on to your RTX30s if Ada has a good perf increase Crypto and stupidity might end up letting us gamers get a free upgrade.

P.S Really only looking at the AD102s.....the downside of Ampere giving us GA102s on the 3080 is that looking at the 4080 on a lower chip seems almost like a downgrade.


Remember all the people arguing that crypto mining had absolutely nothing to do with graphics card shortages and price gouging.


Remember all the people arguing that crypto mining had absolutely nothing to do with graphics card shortages and price gouging.
Yep. Get ready for that shit to pick up again in the near future.

If I were looking for a new GPU, I would buy now. No one can guarantee later this year this crap picks up again.


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Here in EU, we can already find 3080's 10GB, between 800-900 euros. Prices already with taxes.
For the 12Gb is much higher.
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