Gran Turismo 7 - Daytona International Speedway Gameplay Video | PS5, PS4


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Does it really look that much better than everything else??
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Game looks beautiful. Got on my TV and streamed 4K of this video. The game looks better than that even, it's going to be amazing.

Need a decent wheel but don't want to pay a ton of money. I'll find something in my range.


what are you on about? just say you are a hater instead of finding excuses. ''game feels cynical'' the shit you read

Meaning fixed camera, slow environments and no sense of lateral inertia.
Other driving games have a more GoPro approach to the in-car camera, I understand GT always had a more precise and showroom-y approach to its presentation, but it would be better if it would loosen up a bit to convey not only the precise action of driving, but also the thrill of it.

EDIT: Oh cynical? Lmao i wrote clinical. Now I understand your post :messenger_tears_of_joy:
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People using any other view than cockpit view to play GT should have their wrists slapped.
Everyone knows the real best camera view is the bumper.

Honestly though hate being in cockpit view with a steering wheel peripheral. It's like having two steering wheels visible. Now with PSVR2 coming, I'm totally going to be going cockpit view.
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They don't show gameplay outside cockpit view. Anyway, when people get their hands on the game then we will be able to see the real graphics rather than replays.
They are already seeing real graphics in cockpit view though. You're not happy they didn't show gameplay in ALL cameras?


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I love how the Forza video starts out with him just crashing into all the other cars on the first corner. He's clearly part of the problem.
I used to play FM7 with my at the time 5 year old nephew and all he wanted to do was wreck me and couldn't really control his car so he overshot corners like that all the time and turns out even now when I see his drivatar the learning part makes him overly aggressive even though he hasn't played it for years


Not really, I’m A rated in sport mode, I only use cockpit.

I dont know how unless you're only using cars that have decent visibility in cockpit. Most GT3 cars have a ridiculously low FOV, especially the Citroen. You should be using bumper cam if you want to really make the most of every car.


I dont know how unless you're only using cars that have decent visibility in cockpit. Most GT3 cars have a ridiculously low FOV, especially the Citroen. You should be using bumper cam if you want to really make the most of every car.
I certainly agree that the way GTS handles it isn’t ideal. Cockpit just gives you the most authentic experience. I pull the camera back as much as possible and add one or two ticks to the height. Get used to looking through the small gap in the driver side window to help judge distance in turns. That A pillar eats so much of the screen.

Would I perform better in bumper cam? Most likely, but I can perform well enough anyways that I deal with the short comings to have a more immersive experience.

Hell even the F1 games on console give you full control of FOV and camera positioning. They let you fully customize the HUD. GT really needs these simple options.


I really hope they implemented cockpit view without a wheel for wheel users or dashboard view so that we don't see 2 wheels. Thats one of my most requested features i wanted the to see in GT. Almost all the new games have it, even old arcade games like Driveclub has it. Its the perfect view for wheel users and should be easily done tbh.


The thought processes of some people......just wow!

When you're driving in real life, you don't see the dash and steering wheel etc. It's all out of focus. You'll discover that when you come to learn to drive. Cockpit views in games came about essentially to just show off the graphics advance made in PGR3 and the detailed interiors that were now possible. It was basically just a novelty. It was certainly never anything like actually driving a car. I tend to use the bumper or hood cameras, because you get more feel for the road than from the chase camera, but can still actually see the action clearly, unlike with these cockpit views.


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Maybe this track looks really flat and boring in real life too, but man, that does not look great. Like, except for resolution and some minor details, I really don't think this looks much better than the PS3 GTs. It doesn't look REAL to me. I mean, I'm not expecting photorealistic environments from GT, but this just looks flat and lifeless.

(I did watch the video on my phone though.)
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Looks absolutely fantastic. Much better than the last couple of showings. 30FPS replays kinda suck, but its a replay - I won't lose sleep over it.
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