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Gran Turismo 7 - The Starting Line (Behind The Scenes)


I'm not impressed at all. It doesn't look any better than any other previous Project Cars, Assetto, Forza (which they've stopped doing for some reason) or even DriveClub.

But most importantly this is the stupidest video I've ever watched. Did any of you actually read the basic common places written for these trailers. The only missing was "Car culture is about driving, with wheels, on roads..."


People want to access to a single player feature without the console having to do a license check to a server every time you boot up. you could put the license on the HDD and it could do a check every 30 days, and you can play it offline if you want. Xbox has the same problem. I have bad home internet and there are some single player games that quit out if I lose connection, it is lame.
Agreed. My desire for an offline single player career shouldn’t be read as condemnation for wanting to cut it up online with y’all in my hooped up civic or something. I just want to be able to go back to this like I do GT3 and other games from time to time.

I want a more full featured game, I am not attacking online modes.


Likes moldy games
Have you played sport recently? It is a ram fest at the moment since they removed contact penalties a few months back.
I'm glad you said this as I thought maybe I was just with a bunch of idiot drivers last night. It had been a while since I played it online.
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