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GreedFall Gold Edition - Official Launch Trailer


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Check out the launch trailer for the fantasy RPG, Greedfall: Gold Edition, featuring the base game along with the new De Vespe Conspiracy expansion, available now for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

The De Vespe Conspiracy, also available as a standalone purchase, brings new enemies and gear with a twisting narrative that expands GreedFall's world and story. Explore a previously uncharted region of Teer Fradee and tackle new intrigue, unraveling a nefarious conspiracy that threatens the balance of power. Navigate a web of lies, manipulation and secrets, battle strange new beasts, and face off against a villainous faction in your hunt to uncover the truth.


Played and completed GreedFall back when it released in 2019. Such a great game and looking forward to Spiders next game Steel Rising. Was going to buy the De Vespe Conspiracy expansion but seems like it's only a few hours long and require to go through at least half of the base game before being able to access it so decided to pass on it. Base game wise, overall a great action RPG and I loved the skills, talents and attributes to where you needed to make decisions based on how you wanted to play the game.


Started this for the first time about a month or two ago. Really need the 60fps update before I jump back In.


If Anybody thinking of getting this, know this, this game has a really weird ass camera which gave me motion sickness that i just couldnt play it after a while. If you are sensitive to wierd camera motions i will advise you to first test this game.
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