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Group of Monkeys Kill Over 250 Dogs for 'Revenge' in Indian Town


Wait till they try and mess with the pit bulls or Majorcan mastiffs… monkeys can’t beat man’s best friend beats mode breed



Scotty W

If anyone has visited a poor country before, you will learn that many places are just crawling with homeless cats and dogs.


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Group of Monkeys Kill Over 250 Dogs for 'Revenge' in Indian Town (msn.com)


"A group of monkeys in a small town in India took "revenge" on the local dog population this month by throwing them off of the top of tall buildings and trees. It is reported that the monkeys have killed about 250 pups in the process and are now targeting villagers.

The monkeys, located in Majalgaon, India started the rampage after some of the dogs allegedly killed an infant monkey. News18 reported that when the monkeys see a dog approach, they catch them and throw them from a significant height to the ground.

In the neighboring village of Lavool the monkeys have fully eradicated all of the dogs"
Been around Indian monkeys. Ones in Nepal too. Nasty fuckers; just stay away from them.

The ones on Gibraltar are little shits too.


That is so fake
I have not been able to find any actual footage of this happening, and the reports are vague. There is video of some dogs and monkeys fighting with people running scared, but there is no way a 50lb monkey is carrying even a 30lb dog up a tree unless the dog is already half dead. One report I saw said 200 puppies, which would at least be feasible, but is also probably bullshit.


Yea this is probably either fake or exaggerated to fit the narrative the clickbait headline is going with. I could see a scenario where these monkeys are prone to aggression and stuff like this can happen from time to time on a small scale, but I don’t believe this in full.
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