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GTA 6 Mega Leak - Team Real or Fake?

What team you on?

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> Alpha script - last updated: 30 jun. 2022
An entire summary of Rockstar’s free marketing.

Title: Grand Theft Auto VI

Developer: Rockstar Games
Publisher: Take-Two Interactive
Development: 2014
Engine: RAGE
Story length: ~4500 minutes
Story main characters: Ricardo (M), Casey (M), Rose (F)
Story map size: 140mi2
Map: ‘Liberty’ State, ‘Carcer’ City, ‘Vice’ City, ‘Cottonmouth’, (Prologue: South America)
Time setting: 2023
Production budget: 500,000,000 USD
Estimated sales (24h): 1,000,000,000 USD
Marketing budget incl. DTC: 100,000,000 USD
Planned announce reveal: Q3 2022
Planned release GEN9: Q4 2024

I mean, didn't Red Dead Redemption 2 have some leaks that turned out to be credible and reflected in the final product.


Doesn't feel legit at all to me, honestly. I mean, sure, that's a LOT of details, so it COULD be legit, but people have a lot of time on their hands too it seems, lol. Man, at this rate, I really don't see a point in believing anything that doesn't provide some kind of solidified proof. So many gambles just cause people to have false expectations and they rage when things don't add up.


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500 million dollar budget :messenger_face_screaming:
Marketing takes a big chunk of any entertainment product, and T2 is no stranger to that with his big names, so half a million is not a weird number for one of the most wanted games ever

Still, minutes of length?!
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Doesn't matter if it's real or fake. Please just don't make the gameplay experience as hair-pullingly rigid as RDR 2. I don't want to fail a mission anymore for being five feet away from a target in the opposite direction even though a random NPC event or piece of geometry is what caused this to happen.

Everyone else has been trying to evolve open world quest design in their own way, but Rockstar feels like they've been in a bubble, and I still feel like I'm playing GTA 4, GTA 4 part 2, GTA 4 Wild West, GTA 4 Wild West 2, etc. It needs to change.
I like that going South seems to be the best thing gamers can do. First Mexico with Forza Horizon and now South America with GTA. I just feel the future belongs to South America. they will rise up and become the new super continent.


Why? You think people aren't going to buy gta because woke faggots dislike it? Gta is far too big to be canceled lol
Would never suggest anything about sales. I just can’t see the raw type of humour from GTA V and prior surviving the knife. I’ll be happy with to be proven wrong, however.
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I'll say Team Real but honestly couldn't give a shit.

I'm sure it'll be cool and I'll watch videos but I don't see myself actually playing the game.


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People need to begin bracing themselves.

This is similar to the lead up on next-gen consoles. What I mean by that is we’re going to see 10+ leaks daily, all contradicting each other and every GTA centric Youtuber and their Nannies milking the living life out these rumours.

Those leaks were so crazy, and some of the most popular ones turned out to be bulloni. Good times ☺️


I've read through most of the leak, it sounds very ambitious, but with Rockstar's size and attention to detail, along with a 10 year development cycle, it sound plausible. It does not read like a wishlist and everything seems to be interconnected.
Lazlow Jones having his own radio station is questionable though, the guy left Rockstar, unless it's a different person. That and the two planned single player DLCs also sound fake seeing as GTAV's dlc was abandoned in favour of Online, and RDR2 never received any DLC (damn you R*!), but you never know.

I'm team real for now, but remain cautiously optimistic.
Q3 2022 reveal
Q4 2024 release

Yeah nah, sounds like bull, cant see it being 2years between those two dates.
Don't they always have a reveal with a release date one year later and then a few month later, like clockwork delay it another year. So I'd say this sounds about right.


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Watch it launch as online-only co-op a la Marvel's Avengers with a single player campaign after a year.


Fake. Did anything about RDR2 accurately leak beforehand? Rockstar runs a tight ship
GTA's map was slightly leaked. Some of it was true IIRC. But yeah, most of the stuff is usually kept tight.

Only real if The Snitch Twitter account says it's real.



All these years later I still chuckle at what a fucking moron that guy is.
Team who gives a shit?
The game will come out. It will be great or it will be pretty good, unless it's like IV and it sucks.


RDR2 was leaked in similar fashion. Same leaker at the time also shared infos about GTA VI, and those infos align with this.

This shit can be real, and i think it is. And if it is, this will be a game worthy of being sold for decades.


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RDR2 was leaked in similar fashion. Same leaker at the time also shared infos about GTA VI, and those infos align with this.

This shit can be real, and i think it is. And if it is, this will be a game worthy of being sold for decades.
Yeah some of that stuff sounds crazy immersive. And hugely ambitious. If it is true then I can kind of say fair play, those features/interactivity are well worth the ten years dev time.

Some of them just sound too good though and things that appear in other games like watch dogs, rdr2 etc.
why dont the cops/N.O.O.S.E. use tear gas or robots before entering buildings? assuming no hostages. Snipers should be used also.
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I'm in team - I don't care if it's real or not, the release date will be Actual Announcement + 2 years + 2 years for the actually fixed and complete "enhanced" edition, that I can't be anything other than apathetic.
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