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GTA 6's new release date seems much closer, but it comes at a cost


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After finally playing GTA V Online since March last year...I fully expect them to drip feed content for online.

Story mode would be interesting, because GTA V story mode was basically forgotten.


GTA 6’s rumoured new release window could be much closer than we thought. However, it might come at a cost.

While we know that Grand Theft Auto 6 is on the way, Rockstar Games hasn't officially announced a release date or even a release window. Yet, that hasn't stopped rumours from running rampant on the internet.
However, the most recent GTA 6 leak suggests that its launch might be arriving sooner than expected, but it might come shipped with cut content. As reported by Dexerto, prominent Rockstar Games leaker, Tez2, claims that for GTA 6 to meet its current release window, the developers are “cutting portions of the game”.

Furthermore, it is also claimed that the content being cut from Grand Theft Auto 6 may later release as DLC. Whether it will arrive as paid DLC or via a free content update, remains to be seen. After all, Rockstar Games have released a plethora of free content for GTA Online over the last decade.
That being said, if this cut content would arrive as paid DLC, assuming it is story-based content for the main game, this will be the first time this has happened in 14 years. The last time Rockstar Games released story DLC for the base game was the critically acclaimed The Lost and the Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony for GTA 4 in 2009, respectively.

What’s more, going back to GTA 6’s potential release window, Tez2 believes that while “holiday 2024” was a possibility, “early 2025” is now looking more likely.

Tez2 also claims that “upper management” might not be in a “position to delay” GTA 6 for multiple years. As a result, that is where the content being cut comes into play in the hope of not delaying the game any further.
“Cutting more portions of the game to package into DLCs to release later on may be sustainable for management than delaying further,” claimed Tez2.
Obviously, we should always take rumours and speculation with a pinch of salt until proven otherwise. However, whether it be GTA or Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar Games is no stranger to delaying its biggest titles when it needs to.

This seems pretty legit considering earlier rumours suggested they were going to invest heavily on single player content, shitbag that its literally cut content though, fuck rockstar plus this game is going to be a fucking shadow of its former self without sams writing
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Mr Branding

I don’t think it will be huge like GTA V, but more contained like GTA IV
I’ll take it.

IV is their best Gta, detail and mechanics wise, so that could be good news to me but I doubt they will reach those highs ever again in the current development landscape.

V was super succesful but also the definition that bigger is not always better, at least in my opinion.
Online was/is huge so I seriously doubt they will change their course of action right now.
My take: This game is going to be kind of an MMO but they will do whatever they can to not say ‘MMO’, much like Diablo 4.

Or the multiplayer will be released as an entirely separate game that’s free with MTX and it will be MMO-like.

I feel confident that they probably looked at that one RP mod, saw it’s success, and said “we can do that…we should do that”.


Tez2, claims that


Lol, this is the safest guess anyone could make, Tez2 isn’t an insider, he’s a GTAO dataminer, and if the trailer comes out and says 2025, he’ll just go with “they delayed it”
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So as long as you get story dlc, you're ok with it being cut from the base game? That makes no sense.

Yes! Because I doubt it would be actually complete and in time. It's not like it's finished and then they'll just cut it from the game. I do want GTA6 to actually come out sometime in this life time.
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Rockstar is the one developer where it completely is sustainable tho. They will recoup the costs of GTA VI within the first week of its release, before Online is even released
TBH get this trash out of the gate so that they can focus on a RDR Remaster. Other than a new legion of kids ready to play their first GTA (, kids born when GTAV released will be 10 years old) I don't see the point on releasing GTA VI.

Yeah, its going to bring a truckload of money but what can a new GTA bring to the table gameplay wise? Will they finally evolve from the 2001 style mission design? Also part of the reason GTA V is so successful its because it can run almost everywhere. I don't see GTA VI online being as big as GTA Online.

GTA V was basically the perfect storm: Released at the end of the 7th gen taking advantage of the massive playerbase. Then on next gen consoles with improved features and then the definitive version of the game. An amazing PC port that can scale to run on toasters or max out high end PCs.
The combat in GTA V is utter trash. There are so many improvements they can make. But traditionally, people don't play GTA V for the gameplay mechanics or the archaic mission design. They still play GTA V, 10 years later, because it is still the most fully realized modern world ever created. And there will never not be a time where gamers won't want to reek havoc in the most fully realized world on the market

and GTA V's online was never a priority during the games development. It was only after release when Rockstar invested in it. For GTA VI, Rockstar will develop for online equally or more so than the single player from the start of it's production
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this is worrying.
One of the biggest IP takes so long to release, and this was made by a huge numbers of employees from a well known game studio.
I know it'll be hard to resist getting bent over by Rockstar, by purchasing GTA VI on day one like so many will do, but I'm not buying pieces of a goddamn game anymore. I'll wait for the full package and buy it ONCE! Even if it takes a couple more years.

Fuck the gaming industry and the ridiculous games they play with their fans/enablers.


In the Xbox activision court documents I believe GTA6 was mentioned as a 2023 release. I don't know that it will hit that but cutting content would be a way to help meet the deadline. Maybe they can cut the escort missions.

Wait, really? I haven't been following any of that, tiresome as hell. But I wonder when they had planned this for 2023 then. No way in hell it's coming this year. Hell, if we're lucky we get a announcement with trailer this year.
It wil be ps5 exclusive

I don’t think it will be huge like GTA V, but more contained like GTA IV

Which probably wouldn't even be a bad thing. Lots of areas of the GTA 5 map was unused got SP.
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