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Halle Berry


Never understood the boner everyone seems to get over her, she looks ok at best and not attractive at all with short hair.

go away gtfo GIF
Thought she had deaded. Thank goodness she is ok.
Damn she fine.

like Salma and Liz. She ages like a damn fine wine
I only saw Salma once for maybe 15 mins.
I worked with Halle for 2 days. She didn't talk much so i couldn't say one way or another what sort of person she is.

Now Liz. Her I have plenty of experience with, as I did everything humanly possible to get her assigned to me. And got to be within very close proximity to her for roughly two months. With only a week away, that being split with Matthew Perry, and Chris Rock.

Liz is a dime piece. A rather naughty one at that.
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