Halo Infinite | Campaign Launch Trailer


Will try for a solo legendary run. Can't wait
That will be long.......& painful run

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Heroic for me first, I'll be doing every side mission and exploring every inch of the world, taking my time. So close now.


I'm really hoping there are different biomes. If not, I'm gonna be disappointed.

That is super disappointing. The scenery is going to get old real fast. Even in the first game, we had a variety of environments to see. Man, at least give me a snow section of the map!

If the game does well we can probably expect a large DLC expansion with a different biome next year sort of like Destiny does it. That's what i'm expecting anyway... may not happen but we'll see.
Just finished my new run of the series. I played 1-4, Reach and ODST at release but never bothered with 5 or replaying them. As much as people seem to dislike Halo 5 campaign-wise I actually enjoyed it a lot, it could have used a bit more fleshing out of the newer characters to the games but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Reach is still my favourite, they did a marvellous job of conveying the sheer hopelessness of the situation making it an almost polar opposite to the regular series. Having the enemy fleet ‘fully‘ show up and getting planet-side again with no objective and no weapons *chef’s kiss*.

4 was my most disliked, I like the story bits with Chief and Cortana and they were great, but everything else just felt like a by the numbers plot and the villain sucked. I liked the fact I could sprint, but the flying enemies just got obnoxious, 5 had them too but you could generally take them down faster.
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