Halo Infinite Ray Tracing arrives in March with Season 3


I've waited for co-op to play the game, which releases next week, and now they drop this? Not going to wait for it, as I'm not even sure I'll like the game, but it would've been nice to have.


Same picture BUT keep in mind with RT on your game will now run at 30fps.

Most pointless addition to a game screaming for good use of time and resources ever.

Deep on the bottom of the list of what players / fans would want.

This studio is still run by monkeys . Honestly that’s unfair to monkeys. They show more rhyme and reason than 343.
I know ray-tracing is the holy grail, but I have never seen such a graphics gimmick like it
I don't mind it, it's most noticeable with RT reflections to me, but the problem is screen space reflections weren't so bad that I'm willing to pay a crazy performance penalty to play with RT. It feels like it's two generations of GPUs away from being awesome without the compromises.
Lol it's a one paragraph article from The Verge with a random stock image from AMD. I'm not forming any opinions from that. It wouldn't surprise me if there was no actual RT being implemented in that shot.


Not saying that the RT shadow is amazing here but OP could have provided a better context . This is what they are trying to compare

RT off

RT on


I know ray-tracing is the holy grail, but I have never seen such a graphics gimmick like it
Ray tracing is tough cause like this they'll say "Halo is getting ray tracing!" and most assume it's the total package when in this case and many more it's not.

Take a game like CP2077 which utilizes all the aspects of RT and it's honestly a transformative experience. But it also takes a lot of hardware to achieve that result which is why even attempting to utilize it on consoles at least at the moment is a waste of resources.


They should go the final fantasy 14 online route.

Acknowledge the state of the game, say you're going back to the drawing board and work another 1 or 2 years on it to re release it.

Come back with a whole new campaign and a lot of new MP maps and modes, better ui and engine features...

Because honestly that's the only way I see one could redeem this game at that point.

Everything else will just be mocked and laughed at. If that's also the story the next games have to continue on, you might as well stick to spin offs and prequels because that story is just as bad as Destiny's I don't have time to explain,but instead of it being the line of a character, it's the whole story.
I'm just baffled that this old ass engine is still being used 😒 RT shadows? How about throwing the Blam engine in the dumpster and use one of the other engines Microsoft own, or use UE5?

I want to see Halo to look next gen, is that too much to ask Phil? Why can't it look like this?



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RT Sun Shadows.

I dont know what I expected, but it certainly wasnt this.
Id honestly even rather have RTAO than RT Sun Shadows.
The perf hit probably wont be too bad, but the visual gain will be borderline imperceptible.
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