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Halo Infinite | Update – September 2022 | Season 3 and new Roadmap Revealed


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  • Season three delayed until March 2023
  • Split-screen co-op has been cancelled
  • Campaign co-op & replay delayed until November
  • Forge delayed until November

In our latest dev update, members of the 343 Industries team discuss the studio's priorities, player experience goals, and offer details on what you can expect with #HaloInfinite in the coming months.

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This is absolutely a joke at this point. I'm a huge fan. There's a good game in there but I'm not defending 343i

Painful, what a joke.


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I really enjoy the game and still play it, but man.. 343i are sooo slow. Every single news update they delay something, I don’t even expect good news from these updates anymore.
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Y'know...I don't think they ever truly thought co-op would come out soon after launch.

Especially considering how much balancing it will require.



Love this game.
Looking forward to the winter update.

Disappointed by the delays, I really hope with season 3 they finally find their stride though & bring in more players.

As the player base is dropping off, and the people left behind in rank, I'm struggling to keep up with, some of the people that still play are on a completely different level tbh.

I really hope they can turn this around in all honesty, as the gameplay is just really fun.

Hopefully season 3 is a relaunch off some sort.
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I suspect 343i silently axed the raytracing update.
A year ago it was a "top priority". One year later they don't even bother mentioning it.

Though I suspect cancelling the split-screen is a much bigger disappointment to most gamers.

Oh well, expect a bunch of mainstream gaming media articles calling for empathy for the 343i devs getting mean tweets from a couple of anonymous accounts.


Have they fixed the mind bogglingly bad menu/matchmaking/ui yet?
Because as much as I find the ACTUAL GAME fun... the rest is so bad I don't want to turn it on.
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