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[Hands-On Look] Samsung unveils 'Flex' gaming handheld console with a Flip-Up Touchscreen

The Samsung Gaming Flex is more than likely using the foldable Flex Hybrid display that was also showcased at CES 2023, which can either be used as a 10.5-inch display with a 4:3 aspect ratio or a larger 12.4-inch larger screen sporting a 16:10 screen ratio. There’s no word yet on pricing or availability, but similar handheld game consoles, such as the Razer Edge 5G, retail for $599.99 USD.

Samsung has released some conceptual images that show a portable video game with a flexible screen, bringing excitement to think about the new revolution for gaming as the South Korean brand enters this segment in the future. Notably, Samsung already has its foldable series of devices that are running successfully.

As we have seen in the image, the prototype features a simple construction with no highlights, including edges for the joysticks and control buttons on the sides, while the flexible display with a horizontal hinge is positioned in the center. The device has two screens, the upper one for games and the lower one for displaying extra information.

Samsung concept gaming prototype will capture the Razor phone, which is a well-established brand of Asus in the gaming industry, as the device has a large display that essentially has all the functions of the tablet, so it may become out as a tablet cum-gaming device, this looks like the future of mobile gaming.

Moreover, there are still no clear details of spec sheets coming out, which give a certain idea of flex screen details, so it’s up to waiting for the official announcements, which will unveil the date and information about specifications.

The best part of foldable devices is that when you finish playing or complete any task, you can fold them. And it will protect your primary screen from damage and scratches. However, we don’t know much about the concept device as it will be folded as shown in the image or different, but if it comes the same as shown, then it will be a more useful and easy-to-carry device that will give a large display gaming experience anytime, anywhere.

Looks like Samsung is taking gaming more seriously than just a service hub on their TV's, first the VR announcement and now, they seem to be working on a potential gaming handheld.

The idea seems cool, flip up for a full screen gaming experience. But the hardware itself seems a bit chunky. I know it's a demo concept but I do think that idea could work for a future product, which is probably what they are exploring. Then again, the Switch and the Steam Deck aren't so slick and skinny themselves.
10,000% expect Nintendo to go back to a DS form factor for their next console. Makes too much sense and let's be honest: Switch isn't exactly the paragon of portability.

The bigger question is whether they'll offer a home-based augment to increase performance when hooked up to the TV. I would hope so, the tech has been out there for awhile but I imagine they're concerned about the cost and demand of their playerbase.


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I use my galaxy fold for this shit
Before it got cool
With a random bluetooth controller


MS can subsume that idea with an official Surface Duo 3 controller attachment and perhaps a more rugged plastic exterior for the phone etc. Call it the Surface Duo X?
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Switch controls, again. Throw it in the fire with the rest of them.

IKR, when will someone go with something that is actually realistically pocket friendly. I do like the flip design though, automatic screen protection there with no case.


IKR, when will someone go with something that is actually realistically pocket friendly. I do like the flip design though, automatic screen protection there with no case.

I love when portable slide, flip, or otherwise protect the screen. As for the control layout, I can go with the additional size. The switch is big already. The problem for me is the verrtical alignment. If yyou have to cram controls on a small space, the steam deck arangement is more ergonomic... at the expense of making the thing EVEN BIGGER.
Prototype indeed. This looks like a Fisher-Price toy but I expect them to fix that and make it premium eventually. Surely the controls are far from finalised.
Errrr, the dimensions of that screen are off, why is it tall and narrow? Wider than taller is what you need for gaming and movies etc. You know 4:3 or 16:9 and the like. This concept is very early days.


Who greenlights this shit? I'd immediately axe any plans that didn't include all the normal buttons.
If you look at this video from 4 months ago you can see this "handheld"

It's just to show the screen technology as a proof of concept. It's not a real handheld.

Personally I think the slidable wide screen is more suited to a handheld now than the DS like screen they've been using.


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This is a samsung display proof of concept. Not samsung electronics (different companies under the same umbrella)

Its meant to show their display advancements and capabilities, they dont make retail products. They sell these panels to interested companies.


let's fix that headline shall we?

Samsung Display, which is not the same company as Samsung Electronics, showcased multiple ways their flexible display technology could be used, and one of those usecases they wanted to demonstrate is that of a foldable handheld console. they do this so that other companies, that buy their display tech, know how versatile their product is.

but I guess that's not as catchey
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Doesn’t look very good but it’s a neat proof of concept. I’ve always liked the flip-up design since it protects the screen.


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It having a folding screen is going to make it unnecessarily expensive.
It could have just been two screens cuz no one is actually gonna use this thing in landscape anyway.


Nintendo could use this Tech for their Succ for switch. So we can finally have dual screen for Nintendo. imagine DS/3DS game in HD with WiiU game BC
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