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Has Halo:MCC started the new trend for Battle Pass systems?


So just loaded up Fortnite Season 7 and the Battle Pass has changed its system where you now have to accrue "battle stars" which you get through levelling up to complete a "page" when you have bought everything on that page you then move onto the next tier page where you do the same again.

Master Chief Collection introduced this sort of style a while back and I prefer it immensely allowing us to choose the content we want to unlock first before, MCC's version is free and your points are unlocked through doing daily challenges.

here is how it looks in the "Reach" season

Here is how it looks in Fortnite Season 7

Key differences between them both:

- Fortnite is Paid Battle Pass to earn "Battle Stars"
- MCC season passes are completely free
- Fortnite Battle Stars tied to each BP Level
- MCC Season Pass points are earned through daily/weekly and event challenges
- You can access any Season from previous MCC updates and collect the content using your current points.

What do you think of this style of Battle Pass?
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It's a better system because it respects the player's time better. You don't have to grind to a certain point and can pick and choose.

Additionally, it lets you go back and get previous season's rewards (I think), by letting you save the points and spend them on stuff you may have missed. Again, respecting player's time.


Fortnite is known to steal every good idea any other game has.

took them like 3 weeks after the launch of apex legends to copy the respawn system.

Halo has the best battlepass system out there, more should copy it... and copy the whole concept. meaning keep older seasons available!
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Illusion more than anything. You said it yourself you need to complete the page in order to get the next page.

well in Halo you also have all the older seasons there to unlock.
so it makes sense in Halo, not so much in Fortnite so far. they would also have to keep older seasons around to make it make sense

and it's not completely useless being able to unlock anything from a page first. there are a few seasons in Halo MCC that are pretty uninteresting to me, but there might be 1 item in there I want, and by being able to unlock the thing I want faster (let's say it would be the last tbing on Page 2) I don't have to unlock all the other things on the page first to get it... so it does save time in some cases even if you ignore the fact that all the seasons are available at once
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The biggest benefit as others have stated, is that the Seasons don't go away. When a new 'pass' comes out, it just adds a new tab to the battle pass window. I really wish more games did that, no FOMO.
The implementation is great but we won’t see it in any other game. The only reason everything is free is because of the shit they’d get for putting microtransactions into 10+ years old games. After the horrible mcc launch, the last thing they wanted to do was get more bad press.
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