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HBO Cancels “Westworld” After Four Seasons


I stopped watching part way through season 2. I meant to check back in to see where it went after the park stuff but never got around to it.

Ramin Djawadi did some nice cover arrangements for the soundtrack



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The writing fell off a cliff really fast into S2 already and S3 was an absolute trainwreck. I actually slept through the season finale and then skipped through it a bit after I woke up to see if I missed anything. Evidently I didn't and I haven't bothered with show since.

It's a very dumb show. Even at the best of times S1 was very janky in terms of its in-world lore and mechanics.


I don't think I've ever seen a show fall off such great heights before.

Fell soo hard it practically was erased from peoples minds.


Having just recently watched Seasons 3 and 4, I can say this was a smart move. Show had jumped the shark, writers trying to be way too smart for their own good,. First season - brilliant.


Sad to hear.
It is a top-notch series across all three seasons that I watched so far. Will make sure to enjoy S4 to the full extent when I get to it, now that I know it'll be the last one.



Fell soo hard it practically was erased from peoples minds.

Girl that Peter has known for a few days: Hey Peter, here’s this box that contains info that should undo your amnesia. Then you can reunite with your family and friends who would be thrilled to know you’re alive.
Peter: NO. Whoever that Peter was is gone. And you all are my family now.
Girl: …um, you‘ve known us for like a day or two. And you don’t think it would be the minimum amount of courtesy to let your prior loved ones know that you’re alive and safe? Surely you could at least do-
Peter: NO.
Girl: Well, that’s a dick move. Weren’t we implying in Season 1 you were basically Superman in terms of morality?
Peter: Oh yeah, we‘re undoing all of that instantly. I’m also going to eventually abandon you in a horrific timeline and never mention you again. Also, Claire is repeating the exact same character arc she went through in Season 1.

Yeah, fuck Season 2. I have no idea what the quality of seasons after were like (probably not as bad but still weak, IIRC Season 2 was a particularly stand out victim of the writers strike) but I have no interest in seeing more.

It was cool seeing Hiro’s actor for a few scenes in the recent Brad Pitt movie Bullet Train. Hadn’t seen that guy in anything since Heroes.


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Basically this show was fucked pretty early when they had all those delays in season one after not finalizing scripts for the remainder of the season. They realized early they couldn’t figure out how to make this thing last more than one season. What we got out of season one was a miracle.
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Nope, got a whole new season coming out on the 21st of December.

I too thought it might get the axe as it frankly was quite cheap and tacky (though oddly appealing). Going by the trailer for the third season's comments though, people really liked it.
Well, it kind of did get the axe, they are gonna end it after 4 seasons and are instead gonna focus on a spin-off.


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The season 1 is so great, but then everything got too confusing. What the hell they're thinking?


I only watched season 1 due to hearing so much criticism of s2 and I feel like it was the right choice to end it on a high note.


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I loved season 1, tried to watch season 2 but it just didnt grab me like s1, not sure why.

Didnt even bother with s3 or s4.


S2 was slow and have yet to finish it.

The episode with the Indian guy (and the show's whole premise for that matter) was pretty fucking dope when seeing the show as predictive programming and him being able to have access to his earlier programmed lives ie reincarnation/past memories. And with him "awakening" and thus getting aware of something that transcends his perspective of "live" (past life memories/paradigm shifting views of a, for him, mind shattering constructs of "the world beyond"..

3d printed androids using AI scripts (masses), some that get aware, SEE and get mental (overriding) powers.

What is real and isn't. Moral ethics. So rich sub contextual on it's own nevermind the parallels with human body/mind/soul PLUS the way Westworld is an isolated place to conduct this grand experiment in. It's quite something when seen from an, ahem, certain perspective.

Oh and the clone and programmed narrative aspects.. jfc
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Are we at the end of prestige tv?

They just keep trying and trying. How many more shows like this did we have to suffer this year alone? Even Rings of Power tried to do it with such a comical and laughable result.

The Peripheral has all the hallmarks of heading down that hellhole, unfortunately. Hopefully they can pull themselves out of the over-wrought Shakespearean nonsense dialogue, stick to classic human motivations and desires, and keep the tech stuff centered and relevant.


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3 seasons overdue.


I'm glad I stopped watching after season 1, I've seen some recaps of later seasons and they were pretty horrible. Would've been a huge waste of time.


Westworld S1 is my fave series of all time probably. It went downhill yes, but stil very good and it looked great. I enjoyed it.


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Like true detective

1 and done ❤️

And just pretend the rest don’t exist (although I didn’t mind season 2 of Westworld too much 😁)
I heard good things about True Detective S3…but nothing will ever top that one scene with an entire subreddit dedicated to it…

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S4 was an improvement, but the disaster that was S3 killed it.

It's a shame, shows like westworld that are essentially full on explorations for cyberpunk concepts like transhumanism, uprisings, corruption, AI and the limits of the self, etc are rare as fuck.

Westworld, even with all its flaws, was more true to cyberpunk than well, a game called cyberpunk hahaha.*

*please dont ban
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I'm bummed about this, Season 1 was great, two was less great but had some epic moments. However Season 3 I think is what started this path for them, it was SO bad, THE PARK was the best part of the show, and you learned in S2 that there were other parts of the park that could have been focused on for seasons at a time, but instead we got the fast forward Delores running shit in the real world which went from bad to worse throughout the season. Season 4 started off really solid, kind of started to go off the rails into "huh" range for me at the end, however the idea that Delores had one more game for them to play, implying a return to Westworld was enough for me and this was planned from the beginning to have 5 seasons could have been a great send off. There were probably parts of season 2 that we saw that were actually flashbacks? or forwards to what would happen in S5.

They had a great cast and should have built the show around the cast and less around Delores, she was awful from the start, and was always my least favorite parts of every episode once the focus turned to solely her. Hopefully enough pushback gets HBO to reconsider or go a movie route as they still have to pay the actors for S5 anyway. I mean, fuck can't we just have one less stupid Discover reality show or one less Fixer Upper spinoff with that Gaines family to save some money?


I enjoyed every season. I don't understand internet complaints. The show wasn't hard to follow unless you weren't paying attention.


I enjoyed every season. I don't understand internet complaints. The show wasn't hard to follow unless you weren't paying attention.
It took me several rewatches to understand where the hosts were going at the end of season 2, and I got confused by the different time lines even in season 1.
But I cannot understand how season 3 is supposed to be bad. I love the entire show from start to finish, and it makes me sad it is now gone. While utter borefests like Marvel superheroes continue to be made.
We don't see shows falling off great heights before because producers simply don't have enough balls to admit after a certain point, things just get TOO long

Think about the Walking Dead, BBT, maybe even Casa de Papel where after the first season, everything else felt a big step down (even If this is a small series after all), Arrow...

Hell, even Simpsons are a shadow of the fantastic show it used to be

It's like you retire in your greatness or you retire boring as hell, or like athletes who retire in their late 30s when they still are at their peak, without going to play in some chinese or arab team for billions
Probably for the best.
Shame what they did to it after season 1, I don't think I've ever seen a show fall off such great heights before.

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It was only great when Anthony Hopkins was part of it, he brought that extra factor. The show was lost without him imo.
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