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HBO Max could be dead — Discovery Plus rumored to take over

I thought this trash "Reality" show trend would eventually decline but it seems as strong as ever.
On the contrary, the right reality shows can perfectly fit with how everyone is using tik tok and Instagram today, especially with who's being followed the most. That's not even mentioning how the Kardashians became a huge pioneer of the genre for years to come. There are even kid versions of reality TV that I've noticed my nephew and nieces watching on youtube. You don't have to like it, but it's not going anywhere for a long time.

We just have to be thankful that traditional directors, writers, actors, and artists who have great vision still exist in the world.
After Richard Plepler stepped down from HBO, and AT&T / Warner took over and inserted their own guy, it was over. Plepler made HBO to what it was, and it was what part of Netflix success modeled after. Whoever is making decisions there.. It's sad.
HBO and its HBO Max streaming service ended March with 76.8 million global subscribers, an increase of 3 million after hitting 73.8 million subscribers as of the end of 2021.Apr 21, 2022

Discovery, led by CEO David Zaslav, reached 24 million streaming subscribers worldwide to its direct-to-consumer services, including Discovery+, as of the end March. That was up from 22 million at end of 2021 and 20 million as of Sept.Apr 26, 2022


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Your other points I see the merit in but this one is a bit off. Those shows you’ve watched in the past month were most likely filmed way before this merger started to have an effect on anything at all, so it’s too early to tell if that will be the future content output. It’s more likely that those shows were placed in July because that specific content might get the most views during a month like July. Even Netflix and Hulu have a rotation of reality tv shows that they dump out during low content months. I’m not saying you’re fully wrong in your prediction, I'm just saying it's too early to tell.

Good point, you’re probably right about those shows being in the pipeline for a while.


Exposing the sinister cartel of retailers who allow companies to pay for advertising space.
This is one of those weird situations where I assumed one company was way bigger than the other but it is actually the other way round. Also Discovery+ was shit when I had a trial.

Warner is much bigger than Discovery, but its also burdened by debts. It needed another company to take over their financial mess.


It became the infomercials it used to sell time to in off hours. Didn't take long either. I cut cable in 2004 and it had largely changed, but didn't realize it was all part of the same group of cable networks producing similar content.
Watched the Discovery Channel launch video in my country from 1994. What a difference.

I laugh thinking how it would be called woke nowadays. Only because people fell asleep to with the tv on.

With any luck in time whatever develops from youtube and tiktok might destroy Discovery.

Old Discovery and The Learning Channel were so good. Really sparked my young sense of wonder and desire to learn.

I love YouTube and how much access I have to countless hours of exactly what I want to see and am interested in. YouTube is my most used app on my TV by a wide margin.


Normally the web puts high street chains out of business. Not the other way around.

HBO has just shown off The Last of Us TV series, so I'm sure they're on the up.


HBO =/= HBO Max. Despite the name, they're two separate things. WBD is killing (and attempting to erase from existence) all of the HBO Max originals. When they merge it with Discovery+ the "Max" branding is likely dead forever.


HBO Max:

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So fucking terrible and sad. HBO max was the best service.

God I hate realities… 25 years later and the damn things are still popular somehow.
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