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He-Man animated reboots coming to Netflix


So apparently He-Man isn’t the main protagonist in this show.

Yes, according to the current available synopsis this is how it goes down.

"A radical return to Eternia, Revelation is a direct sequel series to the classic era of Masters of the Universe. Featuring fan favorites He-Man, Orko, Cringer, and Man-At-Arms, the story pits our heroic warriors and guardians of Castle Grayskull against Skeletor, Evil-Lyn, Beast Man and the vile legions of Snake Mountain!

But after a ferocious final battle forever fractures Eternia, it's up to Teela to solve the myster of the missing Sword of Power in a race against time to prevent the end of the Universe! Her journey will uncover the secrets of Grayskull at last. This is the epic He-Man and the Master of the Universe saga fans have waited 35 years to see!"

I am personally really not fond of these faces, look kind of masculine to me with the exception of the brown chick. I think this is gonna be a pass for me.


Genuinely Generous
Surprised they didn't rename it to she-man in 2021 tbh
It's gonna be Them/They-Person, don't want to piss anyone off now.

Happy He Man GIF

I remember watching He-Man for the first time, but it was dubbed over in my native language, and once I moved to the US, it all sounded weird as hell for me.
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I loved He-Man as a kid. Show, movie, toys, even toys you had to eat lots of cereal to get. But it hasn't aged well, and they should leave it alone.


I just discovered Kyle Dunnigan after his brilliant Baldwin impersonation and going back into his youtube archives I found this utter gem which perfectly describes Smith, the show and Netflix. SPOILER WARNING:
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