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Hello Games Says New Project Is So Ambitious It Would 'Seem Impossible' Even With a 1,000 Person Team


Yep Ps4 gen gave us two new breeds of extreme fans, Last of Us 2 and No man Sky fans, or Neil Cuckman and Sean Murray Cultists. Its amazing year after year of been a gamer and a consumer since the first Atari , to see what people nowdays are able to forgive, forget, consume, fall in love, create a cult for it and them defend to the death.

Its like, the more broke and/or controversial its your product the more intense and vocal is the fanbase/cult that it gives birth.

On topic, This guy deserves no benefit of doubt after the shit show that was the RELEASE of NMS, so people telling him fo STFU with the hype its in their right IMO. And at the same time, after 6 years he have, as some fans have noted, delivered the game promissed and more, so fans of MNS have the right to be hyped for the next project.

But, if you are here antagonizing people and defending Murray's realease shit show, I just hope you do this for all in your life, and not just for your beloved game, buy something for full price but not working AS ADVERTISED and be happy to wait 4 to 6 years for the FULL ADVERTISED product. BE consistent and NOT a hypocrite.
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