Hero Dice announced! Shinji Mikami and Tango Gameworks!! For mobile...



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Heh, hopefully this doesn't beckon out the trolls (things will eventually sail in an expected direction), but it's such a weird peculiarity of that massive acquisition that the first three games from Microsoft's purchase of Bethesda are a PlayStation game, another PlayStation game, and now a iOS/Android game...


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As of today, players will no longer be able to make purchases via the iOS App Store or Google Play, it’s been confirmed.

The game initially launched on March 31 in Japan and will conclude service on August 31.

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I'm guessing it's cheap to make, good learning experience for junior staff, and can potentially bring in some recurring revenue.

Shinji has made it absolutely clear what his intentions are with Tango but people keep ignoring it cause they want to pigeon hole the man.

Sorry but it's true.

edit- lol, it's already been shut down. That's a shame. I still stand by what I said above though.
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Unfortunate. Unless it was garbage, it probably could've been worthwhile for them if they released outside Japan. Weebs are worldwide.
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