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Hideo Kojima calls his upcoming game "almost like a new medium"


He does his own thing. It's important to have a few people just getting crazy with it.

I'll reserve judgement for when something is actually released.

Plus, Kojima will go full assassin on your ass, so, best to not go too hard on him. :messenger_squinting_tongue:


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There are tons of generic games, might as well have a shit weird game than another half decent generic one. And maybe, just maybe it isn't shit.


It will be amazing it will be a game where the story plays out and you don't actually have to touch the controller just 3 hours of stuff happening with no input needed. He's so revolutionary nobody will have ever done that before.
I wonder it’s something to do with streaming where it like reacts to what you’re doing differently depending on when you play it or something and is consistently changing and updating
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Color me confused. It once again sounds like the project is in extremely early stages (might even just be conceptual right now), but Henderson claims he saw recent footage of Overdose.

I guess the TGA reveal will be for DS2.


I’m curious to see what he’s got cooking. I for one found Death Stranding to be enthralling, though I wouldn’t blame someone for not liking it. The vibe hit me just right and I couldn’t stop playing until I reached the end. I have no desire to play it again, but the experience was memorable.


Say what you want, but I respect the hell out of him for doing what he wants to do. Death Stranding was a huge gamble, I mean, it was super divisive, and understandably so. But he still did it. With a huge budget. Meanwhile other studios with the same budget, or close to it, are just making sequels, remakes, or games that are almost carbon copies of one another. IMO, at least. 🤷‍♂️


I respect his drive to try new things and innovate but with each passing year he is become more full of himself.

He wasn't like this in the MGS days.


I hope he puts in more effort this time.

Feel like this Hollywood persona he so desperately chased for has let his guard down a bit creatively when bigger named actors have been involved.




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My gut tells me this is going to be played on a mobile phone and will involve visiting places irl or something.


this guy is a fuckin megalomaniac, but I liked everything he makes. So, i will smoke his next shit in tinfoilpaper until i get overdosed.


Imagine coming up with something as stupid on paper as Death Stranding and making it work so well as a game.

I fully believe this will be amazing.

The problem is it didn't. It ended up being a relatively niche game, nowhere near the reach of the MGS games.


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After 20+ years of MGS Kojima is now free to do any game he want, to experiment and pursue his own cinematic/game project. Death Stranding, while a bit flawed, was an original concept in a unique universe. I hope HK's next game will have the same thrive for new ideas/cool concept.
People cry over bloated franchises, numerical sequels and remasters so let him do his own thing with a nice budget there's always more chance to maybe get something new than Metal Resident Horizon 17 part 3.


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The guy has pure Hollywood envy much like many developers. Excpet he's Japanese and making a videogame Bladerunner or lethal Weapon right out of the gate is as close as he'll get. He could have taken that MGS money and made an indie movie to show he has the chops but no. Whatever he's cooking might be interesting and I dare say a good game but no chance it's a game changer.
I certainly am interested but Kojima is known for being a cutscene man (obviously MGS as well) that doesn't know when to say cut. It would have to be something of an interactive movie but somehow different as it's the first of its kind 🤔
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