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Hidetaka Miyazaki, Creator of Dark Souls and Elden Ring to Receive Game Industry Achievement Award at CEDEC Awards


Yes, we get it. You are very cool. Elden Ring is a new, popular, and critically-acclaimed game that is loved the vast majority of the gaming community, but mediocre, for sure. You didn't let those unwashed masses tell you what a good game is! You already know! Good on you for being a cut above everyone else. Gaming would have been doomed if we were all brainwashed into worshiping Elden Ring. You and a handful of true gamers saw its mediocrity. Thank you for showing everyone that Elden Ring is indeed, mediocre.

Hopefully when they give this award to Miyazaki, they make sure to clarify that he is receiving this prestigious award despite the mediocrity that is Elden Ring.
You're acting like Souls hasn't been mainstream since its inception. Next time you can't handle an opinion,don't post an essay.



Lol Ppl so salty about Elden ring being good and losing to it as GOTY, cause for sho Ragnarok won't win.


Deserved. And if this makes every loud game dev who spoke out against Elden Ring's game design being praised seethe more, that's even better. Fuck em.
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