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Hogwarts Legacy cut content reveals reputation and morality system


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As highlighted in this Reddit post(opens in new tab), one Hogwarts Legacy player has discovered cut content hidden in the magical RPG's files. YouTuber GrandTheftDiamonds(opens in new tab) has found a number of unused ideas in Hogwarts Legacy's code, most interestingly though, they found traces of a reputation and morality system.

Just like the post explains, at one point developer Avalanche Software created a reputation and morality system, similar to the Karma system in Red Dead Redemption 2. According to the video, players could lose House Points for doing specific things, for example casting Avada Kedavra would cost you 100 points, casting Imperio would cost 50 points, casting Confringo would add up to 25 points, and more.

Elsewhere in Hogwarts Legacy's files, it was discovered that a number of spells were also cut from the game. The video claims that spells such as Accio Maxima (summoning spell), Aguamenti (water-making spell), FiendFyre (a powerful fire spell), the Bat Bogeys curse (a spell that turns bogeys into bats), the tripping curse (self-explanatory), and more all failed to make it into the final build of the game.

As well as all this, the video also claims that a number of activities were also cut from Hogwarts Legacy including the ability to cut class, the option to be the class clown, the ability to commit crimes (like theft, breaking and entering, etc.), the choice to bully your classmates or protect them from bullies, and even the ability to study, gossip, and get drunk. All of these things make Hogwarts Legacy sound like a completely different game.


A lot of that makes it seems that at some point they wanted to take the game into a more Persona-like approach, where you actually live your day to day life, and you actually have classes.

My guess is that got too complicated when in conjunction with the rest of the game, so they simplified it.


This seemed pretty obvious from the game. You got rewarded for being an asshole with no negative consequences other than NPCs calling you a meanie.
Yeah, the unforgivable curses are handled so bizarrely that it's clear something was missing.

Like it's a big deal when an enemy raises the stakes by casting Avada Kedavra at you in a cut scene, and the quest line where you learn them ends with someone's expulsion and implied imprisonment, but then you can learn it and cast it with impunity in front of teachers, police, whatever.

A house cup meta game would have been a sensible way to handle it, given that the plot doesn't allow for your character to be sent to Azkaban for life.


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My guess is that got too complicated when in conjunction with the rest of the game, so they simplified it.

Yeah. Part of successful game development is knowing when to trim the fat so you can ship a game on time. These things sound kinda cool, but who knows if they really added to the fun factor, or how much longer the game would have taken to make it all work right. Possible some of these systems might be added to the inevitable sequel.
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The entire game plays as if the game assumes you're in Slytherin. Even all the good story content is with the Slytherins. It's weird.

However all that stuff being cut does seem like it was for the best in the end. Game is already bloated.
"Don't use the Unforgivable Curses or you'll be sent to Azkaban. They're that bad."

"Okay, I'll just light these guys on fire and throw them off a cliff, and then send a bunch of rabid cabbages to eat these other guys alive. My hands are clean."
Yeah, but those people are poachers. They steal animals. They had it coming to them. It's absolutely A-OK to be an underaged murderer when it comes to poachers. Their blood's on Ranrok's hands anyway, am I right?

Me and my mate Deek, on the other hand, we're different. We "rescue" animals from their dens in the wild and lock them away in a magical cages and force them to produce materials for money, even force them to breed to produce more materials. Nothing like dirty poachers.
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