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Hogwarts Legacy Has Generated $1 Billion in Retail Sales

So much this. Wanting to boycott a game because someone understands biology is quite ridiculous. Good for J.K. Rowling. I know she wasn't involved in the making of this game, but she still received a small amount for it.
Don't worry, she's apparently extensively involved in the upcoming TV series. Get your popcorn ready, and I don't mean to watch the actual show.
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Shame really .the game is generic third person with some magic. Missing content lik quiditch and school point system. All the intresting systems in the old games have Ben gutted out for a generic third person quest game


It's not necessarily a bad formula. If it's done right it can still be kinda fun.

AC Odyssey and Immortals Fenyx Rising did it well though, much better than Hogwarts. But people still shit on Ubisoft every chance they get.

I just personally just think it's mad overrated, dropped it after like 10 hours. You can also see it in this thread where people are just happy to rub it in on a bunch of crazies who called for a boycott, hardly anyone talking about the game.


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This shit never fails to make me laugh.

You can feel the OUTRAGE 😂😂


This game has generated more money than even the movies! Imagine if they announced a sequel, the pre-orders would shoot through the roof!
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