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Hogwarts Legacy was the top-grossing title in the UK and US during Q1


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A Newzoo report reveals that during Q1, Warner Bros. Games' Hogwarts Legacy with the top gross title in the US and UK across PC and consoles.

The market intelligence firm said Hogwarts Legacy was the highest-selling game on PC "by far" during the quarter. Both countries' PC markets had Sons of the Forest and Valorant following behind the Harry Potter RPG in revenue.

Meanwhile, the US and the UK saw similar top earners among PlayStation and Xbox software revenue during the period.

The UK had FIFA 23, Hogwarts Legacy, and Fortnite as its top three consumer revenue generators. Although similar, the US saw Hogwarts Legacy, NBA 2K23, and Fortnite as its top revenue-grossing titles.

Regarding Q1 revenue for the Nintendo Switch, Newzoo said, "US players spent more on first-party Nintendo games, while UK players exhibited more diverse spending behaviors across different titles, genres, and publishers."

The US' top revenue performers on the Switch were Metroid Prime: Remastered, Mario Kart 8, and Fortnite. The UK's chart-toppers were Fortnite, Metroid Prime: Remastered, and Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Find the full rankings below:



Well deserved.

I despise the Harry Potter films but the game was great, definitely one of the best RPGs in recent years.


I don't even like Harry Potter, haven't seen the movies nor read the books but the game is excellent and stands on it's own. First and probably only $70 game I've ever bought.


Releases on PS4 and Xbox One consoles this Friday. Hope it keeps selling. Will likely beat the annual COD for best selling game of the year.
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The PS4 port seems to be pretty good, so it's likely to continue to sell even more.
I'm honestly surprised to see that a developer has taken the time to make the current and previous gen versions the best they can be. It's the mark of a game made with love and competence.

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