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Hogwarts Legacy won’t have any microtransactions or online co-op

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Hogwarts Legacy won’t have any microtransactions or online co-op​

Warner Bros has revealed that Hogwarts Legacy won’t have any in-game purchases or microtransactions. The company has also stated that this will be a single-player-only game, and won’t have any online co-op support.

The fact that the game won’t have any MTX is quite refreshing. After all, Warner Bros was one of the companies that forced a ridiculous amount of MTX in one of its games, Middle-earth: Shadow of War. It’s also worth noting that Hogwarts Legacy will include accessibility features.

Hogwarts Legacy is a third-person immersive, open-world action RPG, developed by Avalanche Software. In this game, players will experience a new story set at Hogwarts in the 1800s. Your character is a student who holds the key to an ancient secret that threatens to tear the wizarding world apart. Players will make allies, battle Dark wizards, and decide the fate of the wizarding world. Additionally, players will grow their magical abilities by mastering spells, brewing potions and taming fantastic beasts.

Hogwarts Legacy will be filled with immersive magic, putting players at the center of their adventure to become the witch or wizard they choose to be. They will grow their character’s abilities as they master powerful spells, hone combat skills and select companions to help them face off against deadly enemies. Players will also encounter missions and scenarios that will pose difficult choices and determine what they stand.

Source: DSOG


Even more reasons why this game will sell like hotcakes and drive those lunatics nuts over at Era
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People here on GAF somehow are reporting about always-online, but I haven't read anything about it. Are they just making stuff up?
I... I... is this real ?
Where is the catch ? There is a trap, right ?
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Please don't be always online or GAAS.
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Darn, was hoping for local coop but oh well. Still not sure if I'll play this myself but will definitely watch the wife play. Looks pretty cool.


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Ill guess it was a business decision but... I wonder hiw can any producer say lets make a game where you can roam free over hogwarts... And dont make it multiolayer


I hope they keep their word. Would be amazing, got me worried when I was watching the gameplay.
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Very skeptical. I expect some form of multiplayer. I need to see more and/or play it. Their development history is pretty mediocre as well. Hopefully the script and tone are good and not another UE4 showcase.
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