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Hot take: MS/Xbox wont be able to gain alot of market share, without a big global brand exposure. Main reason, why xbox still has small market share.


For EU mindshare they should consider some/mixture of the following;

-Sponsoring the Champions League
-Sponsoring a major EU Football league (Germany/France/Spain)
-Having a shirt sponsorship for one of the biggest EU teams
-Having the stadium naming rights for a major EU football team
-Marketing rights for as many sporting titles as possible (Fifa/Epes/2k)
-Having major EU personalities/sportsman as brand ambassadors

Or simply just acquire the whole Fifa federation ;p


Can he swing from a thread? Take a look overhead / Hey, there, there goes the Spider-Man
did wonders for the master system…

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Itll take a nintendo not using cdrom type of historic fuck up for sony to lose their current market share.


Sony will most certainly remain the console leader, but it’s inevitable that they’ll lose some marketshare to xbox. This gen will go much better for them than the disastrous xbox one gen.


Can't see Xbox snatching that sponsorship now. It's been there since 1997:






MS will have to have to pay more than what Sony does to get that deal. But I doubt MS will want that. They couldnt use the x360 chance to get that deal. Not sure they will get it now.


Console exclusive. PC is different market.
In Europe its different world view, we are ok with having pc and a console, for playing exclusives, like switch or playstation, for us europeans to get xbox console there has to be a reason to do it, for now with ps5 reasons were/are:
1) Demons Souls remaster.
2) Spiderman/miles morales(its on ps4 but u wanna play best versions, in 60fps/rt fast loading times, u dont wanna be pleb playing old worse version on ur weak and old af ps4 or not much better ps4pro.
3) Ratchet.
4) Gran Turismo (yes here in Europe we love the series, very very much and we are willing to pay even 90€ for it).
5) Horizon:FW(same situation like with spiderman and GT- u dont wanna play downgraded pleb version but masterrace ps5 version).

Future reasons but hype is already there and it definitely affects purchasing decisions:

6) GoW:Ragnarok - if its only half as good as first game(after reboot) it will sell like hotcakes, and again, no1 wanna play it on ps4 with gimped fps/graphics/loading times, we want premium version so ps5 is a must- since no pc port like with all ms "exclusives".
7) Spiderman 2.
8) Wolverine.

I probably missed a few but those are reasons from my subjective pov.
The Asian market has little support from xbox, which makes it easier for Playstation to sell in that region without any competition.

Don't agree with this part; Nintendo IS competition for PlayStation in the Asian region. They've outpaced PS4 sales with Switch over 2:1 in Japan, and that is not the only country in the region where Switch is ahead.

Some people want to think Sony and Microsoft aren't in competition with Nintendo, but IMO they are. You only have but so much money and time to play games, and all three are focused on the traditional (i.e non-mobile) gaming market. Specs aside, they're all competing for your gaming time and money.

Which is part of the reason I think Sony could make a new portable with base PS4-level specifications, even if to just play all PS4 games natively in portable format. Could attract customers in the region and other parts of the world who are otherwise not interested in a home console, but would be interested in the PS4 library in a portable-friendly device.

Only strongest market, which Xbox has currently is the NA market, UK, and SA regions.

Their regions of strength practically mirror SEGA's during the MegaDrive/Genesis era (tho the MegaDrive had a bigger/leading marketshare across Europe for its time compared to Xbox with the 360 and onward). Interesting coincidence.

Xbox would need to expand globally to gain more users, which helps them gain more support from developers around the world.

No matter how much Money they spend acquiring studios, without gaining that global market, Xbox wont be able to gain alot of market share. They have to extend their service to other regions, and open more support to these regions.

Agreed. Though, are we talking just expanding their console install base, or expanding their gaming brand? Because it feels like they are more focused on the latter, which doesn't necessarily rely on console sales (though they help). They already have a lot of Series S units around, they have GamePass, they have xCloud and they have PC 1P games Day 1 with the console releases.

Their strategy is pretty much quite hardware-agnostic and now with the ABK acquisition they'll have their mobile footprint. I don't think Microsoft is looking at "market share" from a console install base POV anymore, because the truth is they can never win that battle with Sony or Nintendo. However, in terms of being a massive publisher in the gaming industry, in terms of the revenue they can generate through multiple points of entry? They can certainly spend their way to that and some of these recent acquisitions will help immensely there. They'll already jump to 3rd-biggest publisher in the industry if/when the ABK acquisition clears, and that is effectively marketshare.

It won't matter to them if the Series consoles sell 50 - 70 million or not this gen; they have a much larger console-agnostic focus these days so if you have tons of people on all devices buying COD and COD content, tons of people on mobile buying stuff in Candy Crush etc., that's a lot of revenue and ultimately for Microsoft that's more and more marketshare. It might not be the type of marketshare we console gamers necessarily care about , especially when talking console sales, but it's still marketshare and is something they are gaining in with some of these massive acquisition purchases.

On top of that, we'll also have to see if the anti-Game Pass clause Sony had for the Resident Evil Village marketing deal was also applied to their multi CoD marketing deal, and if they already had signed there Vanguard or future CoDs of this gen.

A bit curious about this detail. Not because they (Sony) couldn't of done it, but because IIRC the COD contract was set to expire soon, right? It would be up for renegotiations next year, but any anti-GamePass stipulation Sony would include, would only apply for the releases in the timeframe of the contract, and with rumor of COD skipping a 2023 release, would simply make such a clause applicable to the one releasing this year.

Though, those rumors could all be BS, and maybe the contract isn't ending until 2025 (Activision had a 5-year deal with MS prior to 2015, so it's possible their deals with Sony mirror those, meaning they'd of signed the most recent one in 2020). But if so, it's also possible MS just buys out the contract; they may've been fine with Deathloop and Ghostwire Tokyo still coming to PlayStation 5 as timed exclusives even after legally owning Zenimax, but the optics towards core Xbox fans for not having any real leveraging power with COD releases for almost three years after legally owning ABK, would probably be too negative to withstand. They'd likely buy it out, especially if those clauses also prevent prior releases covered under the clause timeframe from being put in a competitor's service, too.

All that being said, it's still up in the air if new COD releases will actually be in GamePass Day 1. Personally I don't think they will; it simply earns too much money as a full paid release across all available platforms; they're even talking about bringing more ABK games (probably including COD as well, obviously) to Nintendo platforms. They wouldn't say this unless they intended to keep the current sales model for the franchise, which doesn't include Day 1 inclusion in a subscription service. People also need to listen to Microsoft's statements WRT 1P games in GamePass Day 1 carefully; they always specifically said Xbox Game Studios titles, not Zenimax and not ABK for that matter (once it's cleared).

Yes certain Zenimax & ABK releases (most likely new IP, i.e Starfield, RedFall etc.) will be in GamePass Day 1, but stuff like COD probably will not. It'll probably just tie certain exclusive guns, skins, & maps to GP subscriptions, or getting a discount on a full purchase for GamePass subs (say maybe it's $50 on Xbox and PC vs. $70 on PlayStation and $60 on Switch). Older releases being added to GamePass after a year (similar to EA Play with their games), stuff like that. Stuff that could swing some core fans to prefer choosing the Xbox or PC versions of the game, but not so much to disrupt the casual fanbases from gaming on the device/ecosystem they prefer.
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People that define "market share" by using only console are doing themselves a disservice. If you include Console, PC & Mobile gaming together, that is the true "gaming" market share. MS doesn't need to be first or second in console gaming, when they are buying studios/publishers that touch all gaming platforms and they will be getting revenue and market share from mobile & PC.


I believe any game made before 1997 is "essentially cave man art."
All they have is a subscription service, everything else on Xbox is found elsewhere with more exclusives.


A lot of armchair analysts also don't seem to understand that CoD Warzone is playable on PS for free, not requiring to pay Game Pass or PS Plus/Gold for it, like many other super successful F2P shooters like Fortnite (higher than CoD Warzone in the top PSN 2021 F2P games ranking for both NA and Europe), Apex Legends, Destiny 2, Splitgate or Rogue Company to name a few.
Warzone is worthless without the core COD multi as people use the normal COD MP and boosts to level their weapons for Warzone.


Check Europe
Europe = the entire world ? And Xbox as been catching up quite a lot on PS in recent months in Europe by the way.

just facts
Except that you haven't posted a single source backing this up with actual facts, neither did you post any testimony from Third Parties stating that Xbox sales have been a disappointment and that they should stop supporting the console. Probably because they don't exist.

Actually, seeing how all of these games are making the move to Xbox, the only thing we can conclude is that it is worth supporting Xbox with these games. The "supposed facts" that you talk about are in complete contradiction with what we are all seeing : the trend of more and more Japanese games coming to Xbox. And these games being released on Xbox is something we can all clearly see. This is what we call facts.
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Microsoft realizes this and is the reason Steam has become an important part of their strategy. They will sell more games on Steam but get that sweet Gamepass money from Xbox users. I must say the fact I can still enjoy Xbox games without having an xbox is pretty nice.
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