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House of Ashes - PS5 Gameplay 4K HDR 60FPS (Performance Mode)


Game is out in NZ. Bought it and played it a bit. Here's some info:

- PS5 version install size is 29.43 GB as of Update 1.000.002 along with the installation of the Curators Cut content. What ever that is.
- There are two modes. Quality and Performance.
- Quality is 4K 30FPS. Performance is upscaled 4K 60FPS. PR wasn't too keen on sharing what the actual resolution is in Performance.
- There are in game HDR settings including luminosity tweaking.
- Like all other entries before this in the Dark Pictures Anthology, the game is basically cutscenes, and walking simulator moments. Observe things, react to QTE's. Failing QTEs will result in bad outcomes
- Choices obviously matter and lead to multiple endings.
- There is an in game trailer reveal for their next game Devil In Me which will be the finale for Season 1.
- Had no real issues with performance expect a few times during walking moments. But it was barely noticeable.

Can't say much else without spoiling the game lol.

The footage below is Performance mode. I do however switch to quality mode for a moment to check it out during the first walking moment.

The Devil in Me - Reveal Trailer from House of Ashes completion.

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