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How high can Gamepass go before it’s too expensive?

What is your personal limit for monthly gamepass?

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    Votes: 102 27.6%
  • 20

    Votes: 117 31.6%
  • 25

    Votes: 57 15.4%
  • 30+

    Votes: 39 10.5%
  • N/A it’s already too expensive for me

    Votes: 55 14.9%

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For you, how high can gamepass be priced before you would personally feel like its not worth it? Even if its 280-350 a year its still probably cheaper than buying games brand new, but probably not if you buy physical and sell them, or wait for deep discounts. But you get to try a lot of games, cloud, etc.

Right now Netflix is 20 dollars a month and I doubt anyone is cancelling the service. I honestly think Netflix could raise it to 25 without anyone even flinching right now. I don’t even think most people realize how much the price has been raised these last few years. Its one of those things that just creep up and becomes to new normal. I didnt even see a lot of places report on the price increase, doesn’t seem like it happens much anymore.

I was talking to one of my friends and we all jsut kind of let out a collective sigh and shrugged our shoulders. Not much you can do. I can see gamepass costing around 20 dollars by the end of this gen


Depends. I think that a 5€ increase is to be expected, but above that while maintaining the same quality/number will meet some resistance.
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I dont think it would ever go over $20 a month, not unless like literally EVERY game also launched on Gamepass, which probably wont ever happen.
I think $15 is a good sweet spot for the time being, and $20 when subs are in the 40-50mil range, and the service is showing constant good growth.


I use something like 300-500 euros to gaming per year, but I don't think Gamepass is product for me since I often also play older games or restart after a year or so. I think Gamepass is amazing for those players that like to have new games, stick to them, finish them and then are ready for something more.

For me it doesn't make sense to buy newest games on a whim (but I still do it). I would prefer system where I could try a game for while and then maybe purchase it for small discount, but many platforms are adamant that you pay for subscription and then game goes away and you have to pay for it full price. So I just pay games full price and sometimes it hits and sometimes misses.

I think something like 20€/month can be still good value if many Microsoft games are present for some time in Gamepass.
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I already cheated the system with the XBL and EA tricks, so I guess it’s already too expensive for me.
When the prepaid sub ends in 2024 it should have more big titles though so I’ll probably think the current normal price is okay by then.
Having never paid for it because of ms rewards....i wouldnt pay for it otherwise lol.

but id say maybe £20 a month max imo.
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About tree fiddy.


Selfishly plays on Xbox Purr-ies X
It would still be a steal at $30. Since I'm cheap and I definitely expect it to go higher than the current $14.99 down the road, I'm investing all my MS reward points in Game Pass cards instead of gift certificates. :messenger_tears_of_joy:


I think $25 is a no brainer for me. If it goes beyond that I might start thinking twice. I'm paid up until next year though so not something I have to worry about for a while.
It's an interesting question, but I think GamePass is still in a unique position. Netflix subscribers have alternatives, there currently aren't any alternatives to GamePass. I think it could probably go up to $30 and it would still be okay for a lot of ppl. As long as the illusion of value is still there. I only play X amount, but look how much I'm getting for X amount... it equals Y times what X costs.

I know ppl who have Netflix and barely use it, they've had it for years and maybe only care for 10% of the content on the service. But, as long as there is a banger here and there, the value the service holds with them. Squid Games came out and they'd forgotten that they didn't care for most of the content on the service. I think sometimes it's the "but, I could" and not "I want to" that delivers the value. Sometimes having the option, even if you may never use it, is enough to justify the price of a service.
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If they add publisher specific sub-subscriptions that would be when i check out or when they are $20+



From price increase and missed subscribers number.
it'll go back up, people are so reactionary.

things get hella unpredictable during the pandemic, they still grew though just not as much as expected.

they had a massive jump in Sep-Nov and are now down to 2020 numbers.


Is pay 20$ rn easily, and would be willing to pay even more when the releases start coming faster. With MS now having 30+ studios were going to start seeing the dream of a game a month come true. That’s worth a ton


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I would pay up to $20 a month for GPU, but that is just because at least 70% of the games I've played last year have been on there.


What never comes up in these discussions around price and value is the fact that by 2023/2024 when all MA studios are in full swing, the value’s going up much higher.

$20 a month eventually is possible, and it’ll still be great value at that price.

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$20 is the absolute max honestly. They would be smart to keep it at $15 and focus on growing the subscriber base instead. People will definitely bail with price increases and this is demonstrated frequently.


It's hard to say when a standard hasn't really been set in terms of what we expect.
We've never had a service like this in the games medium, so expectations are all over the map.


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As it stands right now, I would not pay more than $20 a month for Gamepass ultimate. Once all their studios are firing on all cylinders I might consider 25 bucks a month. That's the absolute highest I go though.
Probably up to £50 a month in all honesty with XBL thrown in.

That’s on the basis that the output soon is going to be close to a 1st party title every month or so, plus whatever 3rd party / indie stuff they throw in.

That’s a big increase I know, but if all the above lined up it’s hard to argue against it still being a reasonable price. 12 quid a week is nothing really if you are a keen gamer.


15 is the limit. Nobody pays full price for gamepass anyways. They have to wait years to wean people off the deals. i just bought 3 years a month ago lol
If you only play on Xbox, probably over $20. If you're like me and still going to buy and play games on Nintendo and PlayStation, it's a waste to be paying a large monthly fee for a service you only spend a third of your gaming time using.

You have to keep in my mind that in addition to the monthly GamePass fee, Microsoft is leaning heavily into the GaaS business model. It's likely they'll make more off of microtransactions for games people are playing on GamePass than the actual cost of GamePass itself.
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An interesting thread coming out with interesting results...


I can imagine MS Reading this thread to find that most are happy to pay more and so increase the price!

If that happens I'm going to blame you GAF.


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For the actual state of the windows store on pc i think that even the 1 euro i payed for 3 months feels a bit steep...

On console i think they can go with 20-25 dollars if their catalogue is gigantic and they put on gamepass all of their AAA on release day.
Not worth a lot to me because of my huge backlog. If I could keep paying 50€ per year I'd probably do so but I assume that won't be an option. In general it's a fantastic value though.


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They can't over value it because there is a finite amount of time people have free. The market is hitting around £15/£20 for most people. They can't really go much higher until people start seeing it as an option to replace existing subs to spotify, netflix, disney+ etc.

It's not close to that yet imo. Really we will see tiers in the future after they are satisfied with the growth imo. Things like first party only, first and third and so on.


Woah slow down there Phil Spencer doing market research on how much people would be willing to pay in gaming forums.

Personally I'd pay up to 15€ for a month of gamepass (looking at the current quality of games that are on there), but I don't let it run. I usually just pay 1 month play some games then cancel and wait another 9-12 months to sub again for 1 month.

It is great value don't get me wrong, but a day only has so many hours I am able to play games and there are many games on there that are for different tastes etc. 150 games on gamepass doesn't mean I would play more than 4-5 of them.
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$15 is the max I'm willing to spend to basically stay subscribed permanently
Up to $25 it goes into the "wait until it has 2-3 games I want to play, subscribe for a couple of months to play them and then unsubscribe" tier, just like most TV/Movie subscriptions.

Any more than $25 and I'd rather just buy the games.
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