How many hours do you play games a week on average?

How many hours do you play games a week on average?

  • Less than 5 hours

    Votes: 33 13.6%
  • Between 5 and 10 hours

    Votes: 76 31.4%
  • Between 10 and 20 hours

    Votes: 71 29.3%
  • Between 20 and 40 hours

    Votes: 48 19.8%
  • Full time job/ more than 40 hours

    Votes: 14 5.8%

  • Total voters


Less than 5 hours 90% of the year. This can spike to 20 something hours if real big hitters like Elden Ring come out which got over 80 hours of my time in a mere month.
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Married with no kids.

Average 1:30h/2:00h during week days at night (wife gives me leverage to play on the tv , so im thankfull for that)
Saturday night around 4 to 5 hours
Sunday probably 1 or 2 if she´s watching something on the tablet


Usually, if life permits, 1.5h late in the night in weekdays and maybe 4~6 hours, in maybe 2 hours runs, during the weekend.
When I'm on vacation and my wife isn't, I can get 4~5 hours daily somedays, but those days are rare...


Depends whether a new game is out that i like to play, there hasn't been that many of them in recent years like the Bethesda games on 10 years ago, so i will play every day if it's a new game but a lot less if it's a barren spell, Starfield will get some hours put into it.
I'm sneaking a bit more in since Elden Ring, but normally about 4 hours a week.

Full time job, wife and kid + too much other hobbies.
I just need more then 24 hours in a day.
5-10 hours probably, but sometimes more. It depends on my partner and her work schedule.

Im 39 and we don't have any kids and she plays a lot too, mostly we play simultaneously on different machines. But we hang out, party and do a lot of other stuff too, so it depends on if we have any other plans.

If she works during the weekend I sometimes play all day.


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Exceeding 24 hours? 🤔 😅

MGSV still holds my record of 51-hour session non-stop, making my base 1# in the world for 2 weeks unintentionally! Didn't understand the number one and the crown above my ID and thought that it meant that I'm still a newbie and at level 1 as didn't touch the online element but been farming the fuck out of the bases there source-wise and soldiers as it helps with the upgrades and economy. Skipped 2 work days and got like $300-400 penalty at the end of the month. Sorry, the guy kept us waiting for too long, and sadly forever now as it seems. :lollipop_crying:
Bout 5 hours gaming a week, 20 hours wasting my life playing rocket league. Trying to become the oldest grand champ. Made it to champ 2 but it's tough from there. 45 married no kids.
Not necessarily toward you, but the fact you felt the need to put out your age in relation to gaming skill, I'll say it here.

I'm 42 and I'm tired of hearing age being a factor i gaming skills. I've heard people in their mid-thirties use age as the reason they find a game difficult, due to slow reflexes or whatever. This is ridiculous and if you really think your reflexes are slowing to the point where you can't competitively game, it's certainly a placebo effect. A much more likely scenario is you have less time to game or choose to invest less than superior competition - or they're just better. It's nice to act like you'd be the grand champion of Halo Infinite had it released when you were 23, but likely you'd be just the same.

If you're not older than Tom Brady who is still in the running for NFL leauge MVP or winning another Super Bowl, I don't want to hear the excuse that you're just too elderly to play Street Fighter or Gran Turismo at a high level.

Again, not geared towards you. I play a lot of Rocket Leauge and I've never passed Diamond I, so you're clearly a step above me. But, 42 year-old me is a lot better than 34 or 35 (whenever Rocket League launched) me ever was, simply because I've played more.


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Small amount for me. Possibly 5 or less, including gaming time with my son playing Diablo or FIFA.

My cousin on the other hand claims to play at least 80 hours a week, but I don't know how true this is. He is single, unemployed 30 year old man that lives with his parents, so possibly could be true.


Just depends. Some weeks none, some weeks 40+ hours lol. Depends what kind of games are released.
Im sure when I start Elden Ring, Kirby and then Horizon 2 in June its gonna be 40+ hour weeks.

Atm Im studying so I play for an hour or 2 hours a day with GT7 and Returnal


38, live with my girlfriend, and I'd say I play games about... 20ish to 30 hours a week right now? Few hours in the morning, few in the evening. Sometimes in the afternoon. I say now, because it definitely varies. Elden Ring was something I was looking forward to BIG time, and it shows as anytime there's free time, I play it, haha.

Typically I'd pull back if there's shows for us to watch or catch up on, shows/concerts to go to, or other obligations. But there's nothing at the moment aside from working, cooking, and working out. So when there's free time, it's full blown Elden Ring.
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I am surprised by the results to be honest. It does feel good to know there are others in a similar situation as me. At my "prime" I was easily gaming up to and beyond 40 hours a week. Back when I played online shooters like UT and BF. I've had to give up on online shooters. I don't have the time to stay competitive.
Less than five after having a kid 6 weeks ago, and I don't envision that changing too much anytime soon. Maybe 5-10 a week if I'm lucky which is around about what it was before.

For most of last gen I could play probably 20-30 hours a week, but those days are over now lol. On the one hand it's nice to have more things in my life to keep me busy but at the same time it sucks because there's so much quality shit out there these days, I can't keep up.


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Married with 2 children here, I put 5-10 as my average, but I would actually say most weeks are between 8-12 hours. I usually play after kids go to bed for 2-3 hours, but not every day. I'm honestly ok not playing too much more than that. While I love gaming, I also have other hobbies, family activities, and learning that I want to do as well

Edit: I think that the small amount of time that I am able to game now is the main reason I barely enjoy multiplayer games anymore. I don't have the time to really practice so I'm always just average against others. Definitely favoring single player, play at your own pace games
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probably less than 5 just because in addition to working full-time I also struggle with depression & ADHD

now that I finally have health insurance again I hope to get on some medication & hopefully that'll help me be able to focus in order to actually get myself to play games instead of doom scrolling Facebook while sorta watching Youtube :messenger_grinning_sweat:

edit: I'd say that's my usual, some weeks I go all OCD & spend more than 30 hours in a week playing games but it's fairly rare sadly
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Single with a job thats max four (4) days a week at the best of times and I play less than I have, just been a bit more depressed generally recently, don't feel like playing games or watching films or the like. I was probably like ~30 hours a week before, but more like 15-20 hours now. At "peak" in my 20s I was playing for ridiculous amounts of time, like 40-50 hours a week.
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Sometimes too many, sometimes not enough.

It tends to pendulum back and forth with my getting fired up to work on programming projects.


Married, both of us have 60+ hour a week jobs and one small kid. My gaming time happens in the evenings around 9 or 10, no more than an hour a night.

In college I would buy a new JRPG every spring break and try to beat it before the end of the week. Those were the days.


Honestly I don't play that much, but I'm very productive when I play and I choose well the games I'm going to dedicate my free time.
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