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How many streaming services do you use? How many do you pay for? Which are you favorites?


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I usually subscribe to one streaming service at a time. When there's nothing I want ot watch on Netflix, I sub to Disney+ for a while. I subed to Crave for a while for all the Star Trek stuff but eventually came back to Netflix. I also have Prime video since it comes with prime membership.


No cable TV.

Netflix sucks.

I subscribe to D+ twice a year to catch up on MCU, Mando and Boobies Fett.

I'll jump back into Apple TV after the third season of Ted Lasso has aired.

Prime is decent as it's part of the parcel delivery system.

That's it. PS4 and 5 for life.
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Well, currently I'm on

Amazon Prime (comes with the prime membership...)
Disney+ / Hulu / ESPN+ bundle

Thinking about getting off Netflix and Disney bundle.. I rarely see anything, and when I do watch movies, I tend to just rent it from Amazon.
Netflix - also used by 2 other households
Amazon Prime
Optus Sport

Don’t pay for but have access to:
Binge - I kept getting 2 free months due to my ubereats rewards
Disney+ - my sister gets it for free from work. Shared with 2 other households
Apple TV+ - 12 months free with Apple device

Not subscribed anymore:
Stan - ManUtd is out of the Champions League
Britbox - I already watched all the Sherlock Holmes and The Decterorists


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I have Amazon Prime because of the free shipping. Hardly ever use the streaming service.

Honestly nothing beats torrenting + Plex. It's my own platform agnostic streaming service with only stuff I actually want to watch. I'd pay for that, but nobody is selling.
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YouTube Premium (which includes YouTube Music, thus I've cancelled Spotify). I don't like Google as a mega corporation, but unfortunately I do like their services. We subscribe to Google One (cloud storage) and Nest (smoke detectors and cameras services) as well

Cable (which we don't use, but it's included in our 500/500Mb fiber line) gives us access to HBO Max (which we don't use)

Kyivstar TV (Ukrainian TV streaming, basically streams all Ukrainian TV channels plus movies)

Never had so few streaming services going as right now, I did a cleanup a few months ago after I noticed we paid a substantial amount each month for a surprising number of unused services..


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The only one I'm subscribed to permanently is Netflix and it's mostly because my mom uses my account.

Every other service I'll subscribe to for a month or two when they have stuff I want.
I'll subscribe to D+ for Obi Wan and then to Amazon for The Boys S3
Might subscribe to Gamepass for Starfield depending on how it turns out.
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Only do the "free" one month things when they show up, but that's not been a thing for a very long time.
Last time I did pay for a streaming service it was priced €7.99/month (Netflix, many MANY years ago).
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Decided to stick with YouTube TV. I also have Hulu, and Netflix.
Not buying YouTube TV again, finished with that service.

Parties over for YouTube TV and their price hikes, losing channels, not able to fast for are commercials.


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My wife is addicted to 90 Day Fiancé, documentaries, home reno shows, shows about fat / weird people, and animal shows. So I subscribe to Discovery+.
I have Amazon Prime (for the shipping benefits mainly) so I have their video service.
I got Paramount+ on a $0.99/year deal, I hardly ever watch this because it's shit.
I recently got a yearlong Crunchyroll subscription and have been enjoying that.

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I pay for Netflix and HBO max. I'm borrowing my nephew's Disney +. Barely watch anything on them. So bored with streaming services.

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Netflix and HBO Max. The latter is brand new in my country and there's a 50% lifetime discount for new members, so decided to give it a try for now.
Netflix (need to take advantage of the Netflix on Us. I've got Magenta Max on T-Mobile so I don't know why)
Amazon Prime Video (never use it, comes with Prime so shrug)
YouTube TV (live in a basement apartment so my locals don't come in on antenna)
I only use two at a time. I have Netflix which I'm getting rid of, and Disney, which I will get rid of too for Hulu and HBO Max.
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