Huge Thumbs up for Sifu! A great original game in a flood of cookie cutter releases!


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It seems the indie/smaller studios is where the real innovation is these days. Just recently we have the great Stray now Sifu released by smaller studios but are really unique games. This is a throw back to classic kung fu films and old school beateumups! I recently got this game a few days ago and wow it's blowing me away. From it's very cool art style, to it's kill bill like story, to it's tight and complex combat. The game is challenging but very fair. In a world of formulated franchise games it's great to see a unique game that comes out and is fantastic quality. This is good old fashioned kick ass or get your ass kicked gameplay. Huge thumbs up!
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It was alright. I feel like the animations for executions could have been shorter though it halts the pace of the game a few seconds each time you kill off enemies.


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this is a good game, im hoping they could release AAA sifu in the future
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