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HyperX unveils new wired Xbox controller at CES, 'Clutch Gladiate'. $34.99

The Clutch Gladiate Xbox controller is their latest step in growing their line of peripherals. The controller is designed for the Xbox Series S, Series X, and Xbox One consoles but will also give players the ability to use it on PC.

Featuring dual trigger locks, remappable rear buttons, and textured grips the Clutch Gladiate will be perfect for fast pace FPS games like Warzone 2 and Apex Legends.

The gamepad is fitted with a 3.5mm headphone jack to accommodate wired headsets as well, including the Cloud Alpha or Cloud 2’s from HyperX.

HyperX’s new Xbox controller isn’t wireless like most popular gamepads in recent years but does come with a USB C to USB A braided cable that’s nearly 10 feet long to give fans plenty of room to move around.

It’s set to launch in March 2023 for $34.99 and will be available at your favorite retailer when it becomes available.




Almost seems like a wired budget version of the elite controller given it's features. I'm not sure what the track record is for HyperX's build quality maybe someone who has used them can chime in, but while I can judge based on looks on durability I do think the fact it's wired is going to turn many people away even at $34.99.

The cable is nearly 10 feet so it at least has that going for it, back when wired was more common for gaming controllers you were lucky if it was longer than 5 some of the time.


The cable restricts it so probably a better choice for pc controller than xbox.

Looks solid if nothing else.
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HyperX has great headsets but I haven't had any experience with their mice or keyboards. I'm sure the controller will be quality though even at $35.

I really wish they had a wireless version though because I can't stand the paddles on the Elite controller and would love an alternative at a cheaper cost.
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