I can’t help but feel Rise of The Ronin and Ghost of Tsushima 2 are going to be in direct competition in 2024

Yes, they are different time periods but they deal with the same subject matter. Basically ronin samurai, open world, sword and stealth combat. Ghost of Tsushima came out in 2020, i would say late 2024 is most likely and if its 2025 it will still be coming out under a year of Ronin. This is also the Year Assassins Creed Red is set to come out, so we may very well get 3 big samurai/ninja games in the span of a year. Kind of feel like Sony is stepping on their own studios toes working on another game with a similar setting and theme.

Sort of like they did for Days Gone after The Last of Us came out.

I wonder if they will make got 2 a ps5 pro launch title


There is more then enough that is different that they all can co-exist.

Maybe they could coexist even if they were hardly different at all.

They are still nearly identical in terms of their role filling a software gap. Remember, people don't see or know what the differences are until they actually play the game. Until then, it's two open world samurai games with sword combat. And a lot of people may choose only one such game per year, not two. Or pick one and get the other later on discount.

I thought it was crazy that after so much time, TMNT Cowabunga Collection released shortly after Shredder's Revenge. Both of these titles are very different, certainly enough to "coexist", but they only really needed one side scrolling classic style TMNT game in one year. One is surely taking sales from the other and vice versa.

Just because they can coexist doesn't mean they won't fill a similar role in the market and affect each others sales to some degree.

To a Western audience, there's hardly a difference between the setting being Japan and China, Samurai or Ninjas, 1200s vs 1800s. The game is about being in pre-tech Asia with a sword. I don't think there will be a "problem" like one of the games will fail vs the other as a direct result, but it's a legit point to make that these titles will be taking a bit of each others' thunder away.

It's like two similar big games coming out to complete on PS and XB, only Xbox never made theirs so there's two on PS instead lol.
Care to justify your calculations?

Personal opinion.

The games wher fine to me. I enjoyed them but they just didn't strike home like some other games for me.

As I said they just didn't have that something special for whatever reason.

For me the likes God of War 4, The Last of Us Part 1 and 2, RDR2 2, Bioshocks for example just have that something more that make them superior products as a whole.

Stuff like God Of War Ragnarok, GOT, Horizon and Death Stranding are just a tier below for me
Not comparable games imo.
I love both the Nioh games as well as Ghost of Tsushima. Both are at the top of my favorite games.

Rise of the Ronin is an action focused game, probably focuses on great combat, boss battles and experimenting with builds.

Ghost of Tsushima is focused on unworldly graphics, story, with great combat as an added benefit.

They are played in a very different way, (probably) explored in a different way and progress in a different way.

Not to mention the themes are probably super different as well. Ghost of Tsushima 2 will likely focus on moral choices, on the cast and their personalities, wheras Rise of the Ronin will likely focus on the setting.

This is all speculation as theres nothing known about any of them. But if you've played the Nioh games and Ghost of Tsushima you should feel the differences in pretty much all aspects.


The trailer looked cool, but there’s not much evidence Rise of the Ronin will even be quite as good yet.

Being a big-budget 1st party title will help GoT2 stand out more… outside of whatever unique features either game will have.
You serious? Team ninja wipes the floor with sucker punch. They made nioh 2. Got isn't even competition


You serious? Team ninja wipes the floor with sucker punch. They made nioh 2. Got isn't even competition

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Personally, in terms of combat? Sure.
But the Nioh Collection, for example, is still quite unforgiving… Even more so than Dark Souls.

Ghost of Tsushima 2 will be more accessible to a mainstream audience (wider difficulty options). It will stand out just as much if not more, because of a bigger budget due to the success of the first game.

I’m anticipating it more, to take full advantage of the PS5’s hardware by then too, but we’ll see.
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