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I frankly don't like all the platform 'warring' around here

I'm just here to laugh at people who base their identities around plastic boxes from multi-national megacorps.



The people you've mentioned are most likely to test the waters with how far they can push it with moderation of platform warring, especially given the pinned note at the top of the forum. They're not being serious as you can tell by their wording and general style. It's pretty obvious, to be frankly.

In general it's only a minority who's vocal about superiority/inferiority. Most people I've come across here are pretty chill about platforms. It's not like you get quoted and belittled about the platform of your choosing all the time in game discussions.
More annoying than console warriors are the people who complain about console warriors. Gamers more than anyone try to act like having a preference is the end of the world. Marvel beefs with DC fans. Nike beef with Adidas fans. Shoot in the gym you have people who pick and choose sides on lifing heavy or alot of reps. Its going to happen, you can police it when its toxic but its in our nature to pick a tribe. I have all the systems but do I enjoy a debate and jokingly "console warring' sometimes? Yes. But imma still buy ragnarok and starfield. Have your team, don't barre yourself from good games.


Having a preference for a platform is fine.

The issue is that specific topics show up and the retarded console warriors repeatedly appear to troll or argue over grievances they have of the other platform in the topic at hand. It's stupid. Lately the PC gamers are getting Playstation games, the games run better than on console; suddenly you have the same shitheads showing up to yell at clouds about Jimbo causing an apocalypse, derailing and burying the specific game threads toward being some sort of hateful or detrimental experience you need to wade through. A bunch of mental midgets that think the corporation is their childhood best friend. It would not be unlike if they rolled their whole personal identity up in Disney IP, shit you should grow out of.

It's like their brain implodes after realizing that their tried an true playground argument "why buy an xbox when you can just get a PC? LOL stupid Microsoft" now fits their brand too, and they don't know how to adjust to reality outside of the marketing war they live to push. The reality that companies only chase money and there is money to be made from the PC user base. The reality that nobody gives a fuck if they think consoles are good enough when discussing PC games.

The self deprecating PC Master Race joke only lives on when console warriors show up to complain about it in the first place, too. Claiming PC gamers are elite or smug. It's retarded. Most PC gamers aren't playing at the top end of hardware options, but they do have freedoms consoles don't offer. Consoles are cheap low end entry points to games running on cross platform middleware. PC is superior, but you need to pay for it. At the end of the day, nobody should give a fuck what platform others are playing on.


The sad fact is there are many with such poor self esteem they link thier self worth to the one machine and ride it out. If anyone says anything bad it's a direct attack on them.


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On a serious note, Neogaf has been one of the best places to discuss games civilly though. The mods here are constantly working against console warring. Other communities are just WAY worse, and almost impossible to discuss anything.
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I get getting sick of toxicity, everybody does, but people are becomming too alergic to any kind of friendly competition and discussion that revolves, even if only slightly, about a console/hardware either performing better and/or having better games.

Its annoying really. A little bit of competition in the discussion, as long as everyone is treated with respect, is always fun.
It's just another form of tribalism humans experience in the modern world. "My people (lol?) are better than your people, my things are better than your things." But problems like console exclusivity, or multiplatform games doing noticeably better on one system vs another (eg base PS4 vs base Xbox One, PS5 vs XSX, etc) only add fuel to the fire. People want to feel vindicated in their purchase, so they flex it by taking it out on the opponent in their made up war.


Agreed, console war bs just shits up the whole forum. It reeks of poor virgins fighting over toys, it's pathetic and weird. Just like what you like man, and try not to be a cringey fuckin turbo nerd.


The funny thing about it is that it doesn't matter, unfortunately. It still happens, and continues to.

Of course people have their opinions, their preferences, and there's nothing wrong with that. But I really do think over the last few years people have leaned harder and harder into contrarianism and toxicity. You tend to see less, "Nah, I don't like that" or something similar, and something more like, "That thing is shit, and your taste is shit!" It's pretty damning to me, haha.

If it bothers you that much OP, I'd recommend muting the folks you see it constantly coming from. Because it's clear that nothing is going to change how they function. So many people have been banned for warring, etc. So, just spare yourself, y'know?
I think it would be better to just have a section devoted to console warring. If you don’t want to see it, don’t go there.


I have been particularly bewildered by the age-old gaming concept of "wars" for some time.

Things like "Console-warring", "PC masterrace", etc.....

I've always seen them as some kind of weird gaming fad I was never in on.

I just decided to remain an amused observer to all instances of the so called "wars", ever since the point I became aware of them.

But seeing some threads today, especially OOGABOOGA OOGABOOGA 's thread and @Gamer79 's topic earlier were what set me off to write this topic.

I split my gaming between my PS5 and 1070 PC (a lower-middle range setup nowadays). I have partial access to a Wii, Switch and XOne, so I play games on them whenever I get the chance.

I've experienced a broad range of games: dabbling into Playstation's as opposed to Playground's racing (GT and Forza), across different genres, series and publishers, all the way to Nintendo's fantasy (e.g. Zelda, Mario....).

Even with my range of gaming, I am not even remotely a hyper-fan of Microsoft (Xbox, Windows), PlayStation, Nintendo or their hardware.


It's cuz Im a fan of GAMES.
If Im interested in playing a game, I play it!
On whatever I can...
Whenever I can.

I don't mentally burden myself with pointless, irrelevant stuff (like whether my plastic box performs better, or has "greater" games on it, than a different box).
If at all I use any brainpower on a game, it is to critique a game, assess it and adjudge its quality. And I NEVER use a game's platform as a basis to judge it's quality.

"Platform-blindness" is a good term to describe my point of view.
I don't see platforms, I only see games.
The plastic box (console or PC), is just a "container" to me. I only use that "container" as a means to play the games (i.e. content) I want.
What I play games on is irrelevant to me.
Simple as that.

Look guys.

We are grown, mature, knowledgable, rational people (well, most of us are).

Why would y'all be arguing about which gaming "container" is the "best", and be trying to put down ppl using different "containers" from yours?

Ridiculous is an understatement for this.

GaF's purpose is to discuss GAMES, FIRST AND FOREMOST, and then all other things gaming.
It's kind of saddening that people are derailing threads, and the Forum in general, using gaming discussion as a cover to champion and push all kinds of "warring".

I advise that you guys (GaF in general) should:

1. focus less on the hardware you play on, and more on the games you play (as you should). I feel it allows you to be open-minded, and it eliminates a lot of unnecessary mental gymnastics.

2. Don't be reductive. Even if you want to uphold your fave platform, you can always do so in a way that is not condescending to other "platforms" and their folks.

I just know a lot of you will ignore this piece of advice.

This is just a fair, objective, unbiased mindset from a multi-platform gamer

I never have and never will understand platform warring.
You make too much sense for The internet...


100% on point Vyne Vyne
I wish the focus was on the content more than the platform. This stuff doesn’t seem to be as nearly a big an issue with discussing movies or television. OOGABOOGA OOGABOOGA PC-shitting thread was particularly trash. I’m surprised that immature drivel gets a pass as a thread topic, let alone a post.


Hype Train conductor. Works harder than it steams.
I suspect the people who cheerlead like it's a football team own one system.

It's human hardwiring to be tribal and validate your own choices (it must be the best, because I chose it).

Start playing on more than one system and those blinkers come off, all that nonsense goes away.
That's not entirely true.
A lot that have been banned are/were multiplatform owner's who do have a preference and believe their opinion is above all others because they can pull the multiplatform card.
And they just can't let it go that someone has a different taste/preference or opinions to theirs.
And that's what it comes down to in the end because they get to the point that they're not even arguing about the platform or game or whatever anymore.
It's their opinion vs others and they're not gonna have it that they're wrong.
Add arrogance to the mix and you got your platform warrior.

It's human nature.
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I used to be a C64 fanboy, Amiga fanboy, SNES fanboy, PS1 fanboy, Dreamcast fanboy, console fanboy.

Today, as a gray man, I realize it was simply because I didn’t have an Atari ST, Megadrive, Saturn, PS2, gaming PC, etc.

I didn’t like it so eventually I started buying all consoles and in 2014 also my first proper gaming PC.

And life was good. Gaming bliss. 🤩

Conclusion: Fanboyism, or platform waring, comes from being left out, it’s some kind of FOMO or jealousy, a defence to handle not being let in to all the fun others are having. I can’t explain it in any other way. It’s childish and dumb but that’s what I think it’s about.

Even when having access to all platforms I still have preferences though, but I think that’s normal, it’s no different than if you prefer pizza over burgers or Gibson over Fender or whatever.

All in all I do agree with you OP. There is only games, and different ways of starting them.

And I’m thinking, maybe far from everyone here have all consoles and a gaming PC? Maybe it’s even worse now than earlier because of scalper prices and not being able to find all consoles? And therefore platform warriors are popping up left and right?


It's all fun and games until someone shits in a bag, sets it on fire, leaves it at your door and rings the doorbell.


I actually like it. Though sometimes it gets excessive and some people forget to put the breaks on it.

The reason I don't want to join forums that cater so specific platforms is it's basically an echo chamber. I want to be challenged and to learn shit. Granted, getting dunked on when you're wrong isn't fun but doing the dunking yourself is cathartic.


I would argue this place is boring without all the warriors. Anytime a Sony game would be announced for PC the meltdowns were great to read.


The reason I don't want to join forums that cater so specific platforms is it's basically an echo chamber.
Yeah that’s awful. I don’t like OTs either, there are no proper discussions, there needs to be some passionate different ideas for any discussion to start. When everybody agrees the board is silent.


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An adult post? We don’t tolerate that around here. Poop flinging only! /s

Just like anything else, people seem to like to be on a corporate team. Not sure why- it’s not like Sony or MS pays them. I’ll take the free entertainment tho.


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The pageantry of console wars back in GAF's heyday of 2004-2014 was incredibly entertaining...just like the pageantry you see with college sports. You take it away and things can get real bland, real quick.

And that's what's happening here, unfortunately. A shame too, because I kind of felt like GAF was starting to go back to its roots in May - November of 2020, and its been disappointing to watch things take a turn for the serious. There's still fun to be had here, but I don't think a bit of the old console war festivities would necessarily be a bad thing, either.

The alternative is "Hey, I respect this platform and that platform and let us be civil and discuss our cherished favorites."

Sounds nice and all, but in practice it can be a bit boring. Then again, I might be wishing for a time and place that will never again be.

That is the land of lost content,
I see it shining plain,
The happy highways where I went

And cannot come again.

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I've been exposed to this platform warring bullshit since I got a Sega Genesis back in 89 while my friends all still had NES' (I was gaming before that, it's just that it was the first time I was arguing with friends about which is better). Now I just roll my eyes and move on (as in not post).


Well done OP. You are normal. I’m now convinced, more than ever, that the die hard ‘fans’ for each platform are paid shills or have a mild learning need. I don’t mean that to be offensive. I just don’t believe grown men would behave like I’ve seen on various forums.


PC gamers sure know how to take a joke/opinion. You guys whine harder than my bitch when I fuck her. 🤣
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Sometimes it indeed does feel like there is hyperamplified passive aggressive side blows left and right. Usually the mods handle it pretty quickly when there are seemingly new accounts or reactived ones creating a lot of threads or having extremely heavy opinions in every single thread. People feel like they need to polarize to one extreme to "cancel out" the other extreme. Especially when it is about Xbox and Sony. Each post is treated as either a victory or a loss and each story needs to be spun around like media extremes.

Almost a civil culture war within the gaming population whilst the big publishers sneak microtransaction and everything as a service on us. Then there is also this extreme hate for NFT in the gaming population. Why the hate for NFT? (disclaimer: I am not invested in NFTs at all and I have zero interest.) Everybody seems in on that wave and they don't even have a clue what NFTs are. Microtransactions are completely fine for many of those people? They play mobile games and love to centralize on a service that may just stop delivering that service and cut you off. What would be so bad about blockchain behind it so you actually own that shit?
Honestly I think cryptocurrencies and mining and nft and microtransactions all suck. But having an nft skin you own should just be flat out better than having digital access to an item somewhere on a server a company owns that they probably treat as well as the buyers of games like Anthem and Battlefield.
That is basically like saying "Oh yes thank you I'd rather have this IOU than my actual stock". It makes no sense at all.

In general a gigantic negative sentiment everywhere you look in the news, forums, social media, friends and seemingly no justice/stopping it.

Sorry went a bit wide there, but it is indeed a very good post by OP. Thank you for that.


I imagine most on here have this idea that I’m a pony, but there have been times, like during the OG Xbox and into the 360 period when I would likely have been thought of as a green rat. Like you, OP, I just go where the games are and I own a PS5, Series X and Switch for that very reason.

If I do poke fun, then it is always with a tongue firmly in cheek - the only posters that genuinely wind me up are the usual shills.


I invite you to travel to the fanatic I mean fantastic world of Twitter.....yep, that the representation of cancer.

This ain't shit.
The stuff I've seen from adults on twitter is genuinely scary & beyond sad.

Like that hospital worker that decided to console warrior online whilst doing work on some dude.

Jeez, scary stuff.
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