I love when side characters help solve Puzzles!


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solving a puzzle for the player without the player actively asking for help is bad gamedesign FULL STOP
the developer puts in an obstacle, and that obstacle solves itself. this is BAD DESIGN.

it doesn't matter if you want the help or not. the puzzle is in the game, so let me the fuck solve it! and in the case of Sony's games it's not even that the NPCs wait a bit, nope, some puzzle explanations start the fucking instant you arrive there. and the fact that these puzzles are often super easy as well gives the additional issue of coming across like the devs literally think their players are mentally retarded, and I mean that in the literal way not the "dank internet speech" kinda way.

how hard would it be to either A: have an option to turn help off or B: design it from the get-go in a way that you can ask for help and don't get unsolicited help.

imagine if you fight a boss and it takes a minute too long and suddenly Atreus comes in, turns into a wolf or bear or some shit and kills the boss for you!
THIS IS NOT IN ANY WAY DIFFERENT THAN WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH THE PUZZLES. it's literally what is happening in the game
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