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I Miss the Feeling of Touching Mice Balls


Made a crappy phPBB forum once ... once.
Tag should be 'has mouse shaped balls'


'is hung like a mouse'
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I approve this msg. tommib tommib What's your take on this?


Mouse Ball Fetishist
Tell me your holiest most sacred thing and I’ll swear on it that the actual animal didn’t cross my mind when I made this thread.

This thing is actually starting to make me feel depressed a little. This is not how I envisioned this thread to go.
I expected jokes about computer mouse balls, not mouse mouse balls and people saying I’m fishing for tags.
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Maiden Voyage

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not having English as your first language + being awake for god knows how many hours after a grilling end of a work week + being nostalgic about old computer mice balls and suddenly remembering a specific moment from your childhood involving them.

That's how you get this stupid thread and its even more stupid title.

Speaking of Bowie, anyone knows where @Tschumi is at? Haven't seen them in a long time. Hope they're well.
He had to leave to take care of some stuff. He’s definitely missed.
Speaking of Bowie, anyone knows where @Tschumi is at? Haven't seen them in a long time. Hope they're well.

Remember, you can hover over any user's name to see their profile and read their latest posts. If you run across an old post from someone who hasn't posted in a while, you can always check to see if they wrote a goodbye for now type post. It seems that Tschumi did.



kanjobazooie kanjobazooie

Have you heard the French musical based on computer mouse? There is a famous song

Do you hear the mouse go click?
Posting a thread of trolling gaf?
It is the music of old tech
Who will not be touchscreens again!
When the clicking of your mouse
Echoes the aching of the wrist
There is a videogame about to start
When the mouse mat comes!


THE Prey 2 fanatic
Honestly the defensive edits are funnier than the title :lollipop_grinning_smiling_eyes:
I came here to agree with you though. I'm not going to describe my interactions with old computer hardware because I can't seem to phrase any of it without my imagination running wild, but those sure were fun input methods.
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