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I think all current generaton games should focus on locked 60fps above all else.

Do you agree framerate should be prioritized on Series X/PS5

  • Yes!

    Votes: 164 60.5%
  • No!

    Votes: 66 24.4%
  • I do not care/

    Votes: 41 15.1%

  • Total voters
The thing is, doesnt matter how powerful consoles are, there's never enough to realize their vision at its fullest.
We have 30 fps because it allows devs to get closer to it while mantaining the game in a playable state.

Of course theres power to get 60 fps.
But the last word is on the devs and how much of their vision are willing to sacrifice to achieve it.

To indie devs who just want to get their game out, maybe it does not matter, but for AAA studios with hundreds of people, that are able to keep pushing the boundaries, its normal for them to make that compromise.

It does not matter what some people say, some games are more than things you just play.
If you check Uncharted 4 for example, half the game story telling comes from the art and level design themselves.
Artists also like to see their work shine, and sometimes, it adds to the immersion and world building even more than framerate.

But as I said, if people are still stuck on all that matters is gameplay, no wonder we have this type of threads.

The fact that you have to explain this tells me, that alot of these kids dont love this hobby like they think they do.

If they cant comprehend why a shenmue is a valuable gaming experience in the same way a nintendo game/souls game is one then we have a problem.

My theory is gaming used to be for introverts lol the more mainstream it got the more we have bro gamers that would skip cutscenes in an mgs or witcher game to "get ti the action" we have dictating the trend of the medium.

Hence the popularity of souls over anything now, and zelda having to switch to an ADHD friendly game.


I would say yes, but TotK is still great at 30. Do I wish it was 60? Sure. Does it bother me it isn’t? No.

Also I’d accept some RPGs and narrative based games at 30.

TLOU3 and Hellblade 2 would be fine at 30, if they impress with the visuals.
Hanging below 50 primarily...

And thats a fast paced combat focused game

Anyway, above all else, not really my point. I mentioned any other great games that released at 30 fps. Like uncharted 2 or many ps2/3/360 titles. Devs want to realize their vision and 30 fps is minimum playability for them to do that. You need DOUBLE that? Every time?
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