I think Bluepoint is not ready to make a Bloodborne 2

Can Bluepoint make a proper Bloodborne?

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Id much rather tesm ninja did it then bluepoint, they still havnt made a new ip or a new game from the ground up, not sure if demon souls was from the ground up but it did feel closer to the og with afew tweaks such as the camera


I still maintain their first unique game would have been better placed in The Northern Lands from DeS.

A ‘full’ game set there, with a story completely independent from the rest of Boletaria. Narrative wise they could have had it as some sort of dream like state to explain away minor gameplay/graphical changes and to excuse it from the rest of From’s lore.

They have all of the assets from DeS remastered too.

I think Bloodborne 2 will fail to live up to expectations without Miyazaki/From.

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I would love to see them try. Would be good for a laugh. They were too scared to even make a new level for the broken archstone which seemed like a no brainer. As far as I'm concerned they are a cover band with no talent for original IPs or gameplay concepts until proven otherwise.


Souls formula is out there for so long. Has any developer really managed to capture that feel. Why would BluePoint be any different ?

What's the best non-From Souls like game ?


All depends on how much input Miyazaki makes and how creative their team is. Haven't seen any original gameplay from Bluepoint, so I wouldn't know (how would anyone?).


I don't think Sony would go ahead with a new Bloodborne without some level of input from the original team. If it is a thing, IF it is real, then I would expect them to have borrowed some staff from From Software to guide the project and make sure it stays "on brand". Besides, if Bluepoint is going to be doing original productions, they'd best be doing something unique compared to the other studios, and Sony definitely needs their own in house Soulsborne dev for the Demon's Souls and Bloodborne IPs to have value.


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I think with their previous work, if they do make BB2 then we can all agree it'll be a stunning looking game.


For they to even think about doing a remake, first you guys need to get right those thousands and thousands worth of "rumors" you guys keep making and never turns out to be true.


Jedi: Fallen Order? Really enjoyed that.
Man. If only the made it a true souls clone ;), it would have been amazing. They put in too much other platform and puzzle aspects and really tried to appeal to the masses. I get it, it’s a big ip but I wish they had the guts to do a true souls-style game. So much potential and fit with kyber crystals and saber upgrades and force training to weave into that style of game
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