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I think we should learn a lesson if that a game is delayed don't hype or rush the developers to rush the game out. Let them take their time.

Would you want a game to be rushed or delayed to be in a perfect state of play?

  • Yes

    Votes: 16 59.3%
  • No (Explain)

    Votes: 11 40.7%

  • Total voters


I think it's safe to say that if a game is delayed don't hype it up too much or get the devs to rush the game. We should learn to be patient and let the devs work whatever they need to work out and how however long it takes them to release the game. That's why I'm glad Xbox did the right thing and delay Halo: Infinite. That's why developers like Nintendo set an example of what it means to delay the game and work on it as much as possible to ensure greatness.

People on here might not agree with what I'm saying and that's fine. But I think Cyberpunk 2077 has taught us a valuable lesson.


Developers aren't children they can release it when they damn well please. Make no mistake they want the hype so much they can taste it.
Let's not use them as the developers who hyped the game up. It's also the gamers who also hyped up the game. Also, let's not talk too much about hype because my main focus on this thread is for some gamers out there to be okay with delayed games.


I don't think anyone is advocating for a company to release an in unfinished game. I also think it's sad that preorder culture allows companies to release broken games and get a known number of millions of sales.

If the game has x million preorders and the company estimates only 15% would return the game since it's unfinished, they can still make a killing.
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I'm gonna assume you are a teen based on your post.... The devs are not kids as the poster above mentioned. and it's not UP to the dev also but the publisher (or whoever is at the top of the command chain). THe game was anounced like...8 years ago? Rumor was they started the developing around 5 years ago.
BUt the slap in the face is the fact that you think the consumer is responsible for making them release i...You know hat I'm just gonna stop. You get the idea.


Or you could look at the devopers track record and make an educated guess. Any delayes to cp just confirmed it.


The internet did not “make” them release this half baked turd, and if they did, that’s a separate problem within CDPR.


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These cyberpunk salt threads are abysmal. PC for the best platform day one, otherwise wait for the next gen patches. No one truly expected older hardware to play one of the most ambitious games ever, in the best light.


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It is not up to us to restrain ourselves, it is up to them to be realistic when they come up with a release date, and responsible enough to not release it until it's 99.9% bug free.


people will never learn.

you'll still get idiots pre ordering games after the whole Cyberpunk nonsense.

you'll still get idiots hyping a game up to severly unrealistic heights.

you'll still get idiots throwing a shit fit if a game has a few bugs and runs poorly on archaic hardware.


A professional development company determines for itself when a product is ready for release. They also make accurate estimates of timescales.

“We” should have no say in that. If CDPR were swayed by the public to release it in an unfit state, then that is their fault and failure, no one else’s.


OP don't delude yourself into thinking you had anything to do with the situation. Gamers didn't have any say for what happened.

Money was the real reason. Only money.
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There should also be an unwritten rule of not announcing or or sharing trailers of games which need 8 years to complete.

I hate it when devs announce a game and nothing follows up for years and years. Just start marketing when the game is a year away from release.

Also they all should not give it a release date until it's in final polishing stages.
Shareholders tell the publishers what they want. That's how unreasonable, rushed release dates are decided. Developers have very little say, thus why the ones doing the actual work gotta crunch to meet those dates.

Poll question also doesn't make sense. Show me a game that was rushed that happens to also be in a "perfect state of play".
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I would prefer a game be scheduled and managed in a way that they release it when it is ready. I think games are announced far to soon, and many times they announce a game when they only have a concept document available. I think announcing with a year to go or 6 months to go when just the polish is ready would make more sense. But there are multiple masters in game development. And you have to meet the contract and release to meet numbers and publisher requirements. Some games can't wait until they are completely finished because they don't have any money to pay for it.


There is no "we" it's all on the devs, they love to hype the fuck out of stuff years in front to get that preorder money. Look at the utter farce of cyberjunk£20.77 that should be a warning to everyone both consumers and devs about what not to do and falling for the hype.


I mean, yeah I'd rather get a delayed game than a broken one.
But devs/publishers could just announce games when they are further into development. Having a more realistic idea of when they'll actually be able to release and allowing them to show the game in a state that closely resembles what people can actually expect when it launches.

But announcing stuff 5 years in advance, showing bullshit demos running on some $5K PC of what they are "targeting", and spending years building hype talking about the features and mechanics they don't even know if they'll be able to implement in the final game is how you get those nice 8 million pre orders.
Customers have nothing to do with release dates.

They tell investors and investors want to see targets met for financial forecasts. Gamers are such smooth brains


Just stop and think.

Don't pre-order digital games. Don't buy in to hype. Don't buy games day one.

Do this for 6 months and the industry would correct itself.


I so so don't care for delays. But man i get pissed when my full price launch game is a bug hell!


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Your poll makes no sense.

“Would you like the game to be rushed or delayed?”


Thank god this was mentioned by someone else as well, lmao. I was looking at the poll like "....huh?"

Also, nice resurrection, haha.

To answer the OP, I just want the devs to take their time. Release the game when you feel like it IS complete. I think too many folks jump the gun and provide a date way too early. This ends up creating a finish line that they hold as a goal for them to get the game done and out. Sometimes it works fine and well, sometimes it doesn't at all.

I just think it's best to not provide a date too early, and instead provide a time frame as soon as you're able. Even if it's just a year or a quarter.


If you wait for the perfect state it will NEVER be released.

There needs to be a deadline to be feature complete and there needs to be some form of pressure or you have neverending horror stories like Star Citizen which was planned to be released in 2014!


More like be a damn adult and stick to a plan.
  • Development Creep
  • Early Announcements
  • Poor time management
  • PR / Marketing calling the shots
These kill launch windows. If the video game industry was NASA we would have never landed on the moon we would still be blowing up rockets on the launch pad. Why? Because the PR spin doctors would still convince people that is the best course of action. Dismissing the advice of actual experienced people.

That is the state we are in. I will not give a developer any benefit of the doubt about their time frames. Because they are paid professionals. It is goddamn time they started acting like it. Excuses that piss me off
  • It'll be ready when it's ready. (Blizzard) [MF'er do not announce shit you have no idea how long it will take. Keep it under wraps until you are less than 1 year from launch, and you know it WILL launch]
  • X entity roadblocked us (Too Human )[When you have bad management that can only point the finger. Take a clue and avoid the game. It is a doomed ship from the get-go]
  • We delayed it X times already (CDPR) [Your fault not ours. You promised a product on X date on Y platforms. You fanbase and investors expect you are compentant enough to deliver or else you are on your ass begging for money]
You know what is funny?
Anthem's story is funny
Mass Effect story is funny
Cyberpunk 2077 story is funny
Doom Eternal's OST guy's story is funny
Metroid Prime 4's ongoing story is funny

All these games were products of the developers hubris. They thought they could do no wrong and have all the time in the world to get it to market. History now shows how wrong they were / are. Developers should get ZERO sympathy from their consumers and investors. They make their beds and they can damn well sleep in their own shit.
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Well the lesson here is, don’t get hyped for anything... gamers got so many bad examples of what happens when it does!

get interested on a game but keep expectations neutral

also another lesson, be suspicious of any big marketing push - trailers who aren’t reality, gaming news websites who have “opinions” but is not even a true opinion, it just paid advertising. Those are big examples of things that are wrong on the gaming industry.
Yes, we....Some of us out there hyped up the hell out of Cyberpunk 2077 only because the devs made Witcher 3 and I'm also talking about games being delayed.

And I assume exactly zero percent of the decision to release involved thinking along the lines of, "But they REALLY want to play the game, guys."


Lol OP, you make 2 questions on the poll and give a Yes or No choice :D

Delaying is always 100% the right choice, I dont want rushed, unfinished pieces of cyberbugs 2077 anymore.


One concept:

Wicked Problem.

Videogames try to integrate art, design, and technology in an interactive way. These three worlds usually are co-dependant in various levels of production more usually than not, issues are going to emerge without any anticipation, furthermore, a problem could arise until far ahead in production. And because this is a business you need deadlines and time frames to plan for marketing and such thing as investors and financial reports.

so, this utopia of a smooth development/marketing/release is going to be the exception rather than the rule.
I'm personally responsible for developers releasing busted games because of what I said on the internet? And, as a result I really need to spend some time reflecting on my behaviour and promising to go easier on them, from here in my computer room?

OP, can you hook me up with the dealer of whatever you're smoking?


Perhaps a bit of a simplistic view and a biased poll as well. Everyone wants good games, but there is a balance to strike between time and quality. God of War was pretty much perfect for lot of people, but they couldve kept building it for years to come if they wanted. Dont blame Cyberpunks disaster on the consumers. CDPR created the hype train, fell victim to scope creep and were unable to deliver.
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Under Promise Over Deliver. Seems pretty simple.

It's all about expectations. Releasing unfinished games under the pretense that they are finished violates customer expectations and is bad for any product/service. Delays can have a similar effect and are not always an option.

Developers and Publishers obviously have timelines for when products need to be released. If the developer isn't quite finished but has to get the game out to meet marketing/financial timelines then just be up front about it with your customers.

That's why I think gamers would be happier, and companies could potentially avoid some bad pr, if more developers adopted something equivalent to Steam's Early Access or Betas. Just be honest with gamers about what they can expect and let us choose.

For example if CD Project Red wasn't going to be ready with the game they should have told their customers (potential customers) that the game will release in 'Beta' in the fall with development improvements on going. Gamers are capable of making the decision to jump in now or wait till later. If I play early I know they're still working on it and will be much more forgiving of flaws and bugs; trading polish for earlier access to the game. Or I can wait until the game is in a more finished state.

The most important thing is being upfront and letting us make the choice. This IMO is preferable to Delays (although their are circumstances where a delay might be the right choice).


OP, what universe are you from where the release dates of games are decided by the gamers instead of the publishers?
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But I think Cyberpunk 2077 has taught us a valuable lesson.

No, I think the only lesson this teaches us is that people have very short memories.

They forget the intense hype leading up to it and how difficult it would have been to delay again.

Seems easy in hindsight, but 9/10 companies would and will continue to make the same decision.

In their shoes, with thousands of high profile shareholders breathing down your neck, it's highly likely YOU would make the same decision too.
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No, I think the only lesson this teaches us is that people have very short memories.

They forget the intense hype leading up to it and how difficult it would have been to delay again.

Seems easy in hindsight, but 9/10 companies would and will continue to make the same decision.

In their shoes, with thousands of high profile shareholders breathing down your neck, it's highly likely YOU would make the same decision too.
Yeah, that's why being a public company is awful. Valve does whatever it wants and no one can rush it.
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Yeah, that's why being a public company is awful. Valve does whatever it wants and no one can rush it.

Yup. And it's pointless using a public company like Nintendo as an example. They are an outlier. Why would I use one company out of a hundred that can manage delays and still deliver good results as any proof that others should do the same. Short memories. Very short memories.
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