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If you could have 1 game known to be in development released polished this year what could it be. Any game no matter release date?


I guess I’ll go with Wolverine since it’s probably one of the furthest titles on my anticipated list.

Ragnarok remains most anticipated, but why waste my pick on that when it will be released soon anyway?
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Unlike others who didn't read the OP... I am only picking from announced games.

The Day Before
The Witcher 4
Metroid Prime 4
God of War R
Black Myth: Wukong
TLOU Factions
Crysis 4
AEW Fight Forever
Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

"If you could have 1 game"


I pick Diablo 4. I've put more time into the Diablo franchise than all other games combined. Not Immortal though, that game suckssss


I’m not gonna vote for something that will be out in the next year or two anyway. So I’m going with ES6, though Witcher 4 is right up there too, then GTA6.


The Callisto Protocol

Aside from that i truly want only one thing and that's anything related to bloodborne. Sequel, remake, spinoff whatever. Just do something with it sony... for gods sake


GTA 6 as long as they stick to their guns and don't water it down. If they really want to piss off the mob get Johnny Depp to voice the protagonist. He has done crime movies so he would be good.
Silent Hills, A Hideo Kojima game.

A team was assembled and hasn’t been formally canceled so it’s technically in development.
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A Dante's Inferno sequel. It's never going to happen but that would make my wife very happy.

Edit... I misunderstood the question. Nothing really to add to OP.
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Like released and complete? It would have to be Stair Citizen. And by extension Squadron 42. Yeah I can’t think of anything else that would be as disruptive as that releasing.


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BotW2 I guess. But I'm not in any hurry, it can come out when it's ready. I have enough games to keep me busy anyway.

Kenneth Haight

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RDR2 remaster on consoles, I want 60FPS and to be able to jump back in to that world and catch all the legendary animals etc. sublime.


Gears 6.
I am one of the few who LOVES gears 5.
I never played a game that much. (1550h so far)
Horde mode is addictive, especially on Master difficulty.

Fable would be second in a list

FFVII rebirth third.
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