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[IGNxGamer] Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.6 Performance Review Xbox Series X | S vs PS5


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By Michael Thompson

Once again, we venture into the Night...city with Cyberpunk 2077 Edgerunners 1.6 Patch releasing across all formats. In this performance review of Cyberpunk 2077 on Xbox Series X, PS5, Series S and even the Xbox One S is detailed on any improvements it may offer. We cover all the boosts, and visuals and compare it to the previous 1.5 patch. With Xbox Series S players now being given a new performance 60fps mode, how good is it and just what cuts have been made?
Best thing about this patch is cross progression. I've already transferred my save from PS5 to PC and will continue my playthrough once I get my new GPU.


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Cliff notes some one
Says there is not much else they can do here, every console mode is more or less locked, as could’ve been at launch if they had delayed it, and no matter what console you play on it’s in a good state so everyone can now jump in and enjoy the game. Series S gets the biggest reason to jump in here with a very stable 60fps and 30fps mode. Some minor dips in rare occasions in 60fps mode, made invisible with VRR. Much can be said about the launch but he says the team has at least stayed and updated the console versions and hopefully they’ll learn from this when launching the next Witcher game in some years even though that won’t have the REDengine.


I have to say i was literally testing this game last night on PC at ultra settings (minus rt) and the current gen versions dont look close to ultra, especially when driving. Also the XB1 version looks like the PC version with FSR set to 'Ultra performance' lol.
I suppose thats what you have to do for 60fps on current gen, and 30fps on last gen. They need to do a lot better with Witcher 4.
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