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I'm feeling nostalgic for a band no one has ever heard of agian.


All these years later I still chuckle at what a fucking moron that guy is.
Well, some of you have heard of them. Bula Matari had their song Taxi Drivers featured in Grand Theft Auto 2. Most of the music in that game was original, but this song was licensed.

That is an absolute blast, and the band had a bunch of other good songs, if you could find them. There's a playlist on YouTube of some of them

That playlist has a lot of covers, but the band also had originals. There were at different times put up on their website, MySpace page, and I'm sure they were on file sharing services at the time. Back then storage was expensive, and the songs would be put up and taken down as time went on. It seems like most of them have not been preserved in any way that is easy to find online, even the Internet Archive doesn't have the files available in the few pages that it has stored, so a bunch of the songs are, for practical purposes, gone.

Towards the end of that band, they had several really heavy demos up on their website. One of them seems to have turned into the song "Talk Like Fucking," but the rest seem to have evaporated into the ether. That said, a lot of what remains shows the grungy, grimy asthetic the band shot for. One of the best examples is their song Pepito:

Anyway, in my search for what remains of their music, I remembered that one of the band members went by the stage name Mr. Clarke, and that for a while he was trying to do movie soundtracks or something like that. I decided to look him up, and I found the website http://keywildeandmrclarke.com/. When I saw that I thought I'd found the right people, because the name Key Wilde seemed familiar. Then I clicked the website, and was a bit confused by what I saw. The first thing there is a music video for what seems like children's music in the vein of Banana Phone.

That... Can't be the right people. But I continued looking at the website and looked at the bio page, and it sure as shit says they're the guys from Bula Matari. I guess everybody gets old, but this is not the turn that I expected. These guys are playing fucking elementary schools now.

Not only that, they took their grimy song about a dude doing heroin and turned it into a kids song about a squirrel

What the fuck.


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Ah well, well life goes on. They seem happy. And I kinda like the new Pepito as well...

There are lots of decent bands that just didn't make it or are still only doing small gigs, and whose old work they have just moved on from. Much is just lost to the annuls of history, stored on old decaying tapes, or deleted from long gone servers.

I have nostalgia for a Japanese band my friend torrented that ended up not being what he was after at all. Captain Hedgehog. He liked them though and hence shared them with. Oddly, they are on Spotify. But small foreign band stuff was still almost impossible to get back then.

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