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Immortal Fenix Down is much better than Breath of the Wild!


That's the main complaint I have as well. BOTW is simply boring. A ton of Critiques I hear about Fenix Rising Also applies to Breath of the Wild

-Fenix has too much Collecting? How many of those Stupid Spirit orb shrines are in BOTW? Something like 120 or so? Also those stupid Decco seed collecting? Again both are optional in both games but to power up you have to do some

-Fenix Rising has a bad story? Lets not even TAlk about Zelda's long and confusing storyline. It's hard to find 2 experts who can agree how the games mesh into a story? BOTW is your typical Hero coming back from the ashes to save the world storyline. How original :rolleyes:

-BOTW has more detail? What? The open world is mostly barren and boring. Barely anything going on most of the map. Fenix Rising is a lucious world filled with things to do.

Truth be told if the name "zelda" wasn't attached to Breath of the Wild it would be an average 7 or 8 game at best. It lacks many features games like the Witcher 3 done better ages ago that was over looked. Hell BOTW doesn't have standard open world games like Skyrim has and it's pathetic.
Don't forget not to buy BOTW2 lest more whining.


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This is a joke post, right? I can't take this opinion seriously, even though it is a subjective matter, when the OP butchered the name for the game two times in a row, one in the title, and the other in the post itself.
tbf the game has one of the most lame, dull and unremarkable title ever :lollipop_squinting:

I probably called the game phoenix and fenyx in different occasions myself.
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I didnt' played it.

But highly doubt that a current Ubisoft game can be classified as "excellent" or even compete in any aspect with a game classified with a 96 on open critic or metacritic


Never heard of that title before so I just checked some footage and to be quite honest...I threw up a little in my mouth after seeing the artstyle.
Kameo meets Fortnite, just uglier and without any own identity. On top of that comes the Ubisoft open world template with boring and endlessly repeating tasks. Hard pass for me.
tbf the game has one of the most lame, dull and unremarkable title ever :lollipop_squinting:

I probably called the game phoenix and fenyx in different occasions myself.
If I'm not mistaken Ubisoft had a problem with their previous title and had to change it mid-development. I just googled it and the game was debuted at E3 2019 as Gods and Monsters. Unfortunately, they had to change the title because monster energy challenged their trademark name.


tbf the game has one of the most lame, dull and unremarkable title ever :lollipop_squinting:

I probably called the game phoenix and fenyx in different occasions myself.
Immortal Phalanx Risen



I only played the demo, but I really liked the writing, it was genuinely funny, so it has that over BotW, as that game pretty much doesn't have much in the way of story at all... The controls seemed a bit unintuitive, but I'm sure that can be tweaked in the options menu. I'd say the art direction wasn't as strong though, even if it is pushing more effects technically (I wouldn't know on my potato...). Over all, it was much better than I was expecting (based on the demo) and BotW was much worse than the hype led me to believe (based on about 3/4 of the game), then again, I thought every Zelda was overrated with the exception of Ocarina and LttP, same with Mario btw, only really rate SMW and Mario64.


It does look more interesting than BOTW to me. I would play it on PC, which it seems to be quite expensive at the moment. I would prefer the complete game with season pass all of the low low price of $20 or less.


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I own BOTW on my switch and Immortal Fenix Down on my PS5. Fenix Down trumps Zelda in every way.

Bettter story telling, better combat, better world navigation, better weapon system, better Powe up system, more interesting characters, much prettier graphics, more variety in the open world, much more populated world than BOTW mostly empty world, better charm, etc. I got this game for under $30 on Amazon and it's simply blowing me away. Immortal Fenix Rising maybe the most under appreciated game of this generation so far!

*mods please fix title to Fenix Rising. Stupid autocorrect!

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Me watching Nintendo fans go nuts.
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I'm still playing it and the game does certain things better.

First of all, it really is a BotW clone. Almost every major aspect is there - the climbing, gliding, shrines for stamina and health upgrades, etc. It isn't very subtle in where it got its "inspiration".

Immortals Fenyx Rising has much better combat than BotW. You also have potions tied to your d-pad, so you don't have to constantly mess around in menus mid-battle.

But, overall, it's not quite as good. The narrators are horrible as is the story as a whole. It forces a joke with every conversation and they're never funny. The Zeus voice actor is especially annoying.

The game doesn't have the same magic. It's hard to pinpoint what exactly that is, but it's noticeable.

Still, the game is surprisingly good and much better than the other Ubisoft open-world games as of late. It takes exploration queues from BotW while improving the combat, graphical performance (playing on PS5) and gets rid of some of BotW's more annoying features such as breakable weapons, climbing in rain and clunky menu UI during battle.


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Always said if Feynx was a rebranded zelda game people would call it the greatest game ever...the only thing BOTW does better is puzzles...everything from exploration to performance is way better than BOTW...but nintendo games get that nostalgia bump.
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