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Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure - Official Launch Trailer


I think that the "flipper" sound is the most annoying thing in this video! God damn, that's high-pitched!


I can't believe they are charging $15 for one table. I already own the other 99 tables . And those packs were normally $10 bucks for 4 tables.
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0G M3mbeR
I bought it simply because I already have 99 tables and want to see it say 100 / 100.

However $15 for the table is pretty outrageous. Zen already sent a message out saying this is a one off price due to “sub licenses” (likely having to pay Williams and Disney) but that still doesn’t make the sting of the price go away. It does have scummVM like Indy music and does have some voice samples from the movie,

Table looks pretty good on my vpin cab and the enhancements mode have some fun stuff like tanks rolling around the front rules art and Indy swinging by every so often. The DMD is my favorite part of the table as so far I’ve played a shooting bad guys and a mine cart mini game on it. Was also surprised when I hit a 5 ball multi ball. Wasn’t expecting that.
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