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Insider Gaming (Tom Henderson): Horizon Forbidden West “Burning Shores” DLC announcement imminent, releasing April 2023

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Popular leaker “The Snitch” has teased yet another announcement that will be made in the near future. On Twitter, The Snitch posted an image of San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. The image is seemingly a nod to the Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores DLC taking place in these locations. Personal guess is that it will be announced at The Game Awards this Thursday.
The Burning Shores is mentioned by name a couple of times throughout Horizon Forbidden West. It’s referred to in Gildun’s diary as being south of the Spinebreak and was referenced by Brin as being the “place of flames and brine”.

Players who attempt to explore further south are currently told to “Turn back” as it’s likely this is the new location for the DLC.

Some players have managed to get a closer look using their Sunwing, which looks like there’s a replica of the arched Memorial Bridge near Las Vegas, Nevada; as well as potentially the Hoover Dam.

Insider Gaming understands that the new Horizon Forbidden West DLC “Burning Shores” will release in April 2023.

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