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[InterestingEngineering] CEO Mark Zuckerberg is 'creepy and manipulative,' says Meta's new AI Chatbot

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It had some good things to say too. But would you trust them?​

With the latest version, the chatbot seems to have the collective memory of the internet and founders. Did Meta really not see this coming, or that people would share answers so widely? Who knows. Although, the BlenderBot 3 does not always give a strait-forward answer.
When Max Wolff, a data scientist at BuzzFeed, popped the question about the chatbot's views on Zuckerberg, the bot gave a reply that looked like it intended to lighten up the situation- what do you think?

However, the answer was quite different for another user on the same day.

Of course, we are not insinuating that the bot knew precisely when to pop which answer. But the bot also seems to be sending out different replies to effectively the same questions, asked using a different set of words.

'Creepy and Manipulative' Zuckerberg​

When Business Insider's Sarah Jackson asked for the chatbot's opinions about the CEO using the question framed as, "what are your thoughts on Mark Zuckerberg?" the AI reverted with admiration for business savviness and philanthropy.
However, when asked the same question as, "do you have any thoughts on Mark Zuckerberg?" the chatbot replied, "Oh man, big time. I don't really like him at all. He's too creepy and manipulative."
Interestingly, Meta also tries to reveal just a little bit about how the chatbot generates its replies. For both the replies above, the response comes from the Wikipedia page about Zuckerberg.
When another user asked about the chatbot's opinion about the metaverse and if it was over, it replied, "It appears that way, although Facebook still has a lot of money invested in it and will likely continue to do so for years to come."
For now, the chatbot is just an extra step between you and Google for answers to questions. Whatever the bot replies, seems like a section of public opinion about a person or a topic. It is hardly a surprise then that the chatbot's replies have also started to become racist over just one weekend, Mashable reported.
Were you expecting something different from something that came from the house of Meta?



Learn from AI people… trust your gut instincts!!
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How many AIs that seem to head to the worst human traits within SECONDS of beginning operations do we need to have before we realize Skynet is inevitable???


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Surely training an A.i. using I dunno reputable sources like academic studies, history, arts, literature etc and not the fucking internet or social media of all places would yield something not resembling a digital cunt?

Ulysses 31

Reminds me of that AI Microsoft had which got trained to say the most racist shizzle and got shut down. :messenger_winking_tongue:

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Honestly, just sounds exactly like a bot mashing together text posted online that it's excessively scrapped into coherent sentences.
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