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Internal Steam Release Dates Apparently Leaked via API


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Internal Steam release dates have apparently been leaked via the Steam API, providing insight on when we can expect some of the most anticipated games to come out in 2022 and beyond.
Behind the scenes, Steam requires developers to set a secret release date. This does not have to be made public as shown in Steam Partner documentation, allowing developers to set a custom string for the release date field that you'll see on a Steam Store page.
Dwarf Fortress, for example, shows "time is subjective" as its release date on its Steam Store page rather than a specific date.

Here are some of the more notable games and their associated internal release dates. Disclaimer: these dates are not guarantees that the game will actually launch at these listed times for reasons we'll detail shortly.

GameInternal Release Date
Atomic Heart22 June 2022 – 21:00:00 UTC
Dwarf Fortress30 September 2022 – 23:00:00 UTC
Dune: Spice Wars26 April 2022 – 13:00:00 UTC
Frostpunk 22 January 2024 – 00:00:00 UTC
Kerbal Space Program 231 December 2021 – 16:00:00 UTC
My Time at Sandrock30 December 2022 – 18:00:00 UTC
Nobody - The Turnaround1 November 2022 – 23:00:00 UTC
Party Animals30 December 2022 – 13:00:00 UTC
Scorn 7 October 2022 – 17:00:00 UTC
Sonic Frontiers1 September 2022 – 16:00:00 UTC
Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown22 September 2022 – 08:00:00 UTC
Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection15 July 2022 – 21:00:00 UTC
Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 229 December 2023 – 17:00:00 UTC
Warhammer 40,000: Darktide30 December 2022 – 22:00:00 UTC

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