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Is the Halo Infinite campaign worth it at 50% off?

Is 50% enough of a discount?

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For some reason, Halo Infinite has become one of those games that people love to hate with bravado. I don't get it.
The game is outrageous in many ways, especially for a very anticipated game. Nothing unfair.

That being said yes i would still rank Infinite campaign higher than 4 and 5, because gameplay rules. The gameplay itself is very coherent with the open world formula while still being very effective for traditional Halo level design or arena multiplayer with some slight tweeks.

But the fact people have very different opinions about this game is understandable.
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What are they doing with the single player part of Halo now? Is the idea they would add campaigns to it and expand rather than make entirely new sequels? I presumed they called it infinite for that reason

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It’s a good campaign. Best Halo campaign since Reach, I’d say.

That being said, why not try it with PC GamePass? Should be able to get a trial for a few dollars.

If that’s not an option, I’d say this - if you’re a Halo fan who misses the good campaigns of the Bungie days, I’d say go for it. It feels a lot like the original Halo in terms of gameplay, but in a small, semi-open world with some fun additions (like the grappling hook).

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Yes but only because it has co-op now. If prior? Meh. Overall the Camaign is 7/10 for me
Better than 5. Only one type of grassy environment killed my interest in replaying the game.
Thats hardly a compliment. That bar was so low, you could trip over it.
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Halo Infinite is a solid game with a few epic moments here and there and the grappling hook adds a cool gameplay element for combat and exploration. . Not as good as the Bungie Halo games, but better than Halo 5. As for 343 Halo games, I think Halo 4 had a better overall single player, co-op and fully fleshed out multiplayer suite.

Jega 'Rdomnai is a cool Elite assassin in Halo Infinite. I would love a spin off with him as the main character.


The 2nd half of the campaign is some of the worst shit I've ever played. I couldn't believe what I was playing going down the same hallways with same level design time after time again. Sure the game isn't worth your money but moreso it isn't worth your time.

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I loved it. Great gameplay and a beautiful world to explore. Only negative is the lack of variety, would've liked some ice levels too.


It would be worth $30 in my eyes. It's a good time with tight combat, and great movement. Interior areas can be a slog but most of the game you are spending time in outdoor environments.
Pretty amazing music.

Soundtrack comes with a free game even.

I think whole package is worth it at 50% off. But since mp is free, that makes it hard to quantify.

Well worth a playthrough though, just like all Halo campaigns.

If it were not on gamepass I would be pretty happy to pay $20 for it. Full price is a bit much though.
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Look...I'm not even trying to be mean when I say this, even giving it to me for free wouldn't have me play it. Those days are over.

I've said this many times, cheaper or FREE isn't some magical answer to such things as if the PRICE ALONE was the real issue with that title, I said this about BF 2042. Everyone's argument about "derrr make it da free 2 playz EAz, da PAZZ" I felt was flawed. I value my time more then anything else, I can't get more of it folks, the game still needs to be good, of great quality and I believe the issue with Halo and with BF 2042 is design and function.

Free or cheaper won't change that cause i just don't buy that alone was the real issue or something. So I've pretty much given up on the IP and I'll just move on. Its too many generations past when i liked it and even to do some Sonic Mania type reboot or something maybe wouldn't be enough. I loved that when I was younger, I don't think I'll like that exact concept when I'm older, as in.....that time has pasted and they just missed the mark.

Maybe a reboot is needed with a darker tone, feel, weighter like Killzone, smaller maps, an origin story about Master Chief , i don't know, but what i do know is that maybe....maybe 343 and MS need some time to let Halo rest man. If its not working out, its not working out and we continue to devalue the IP like this? Let it rest for a bit, see if another team is a good fit and only return with an idea that makes sense for Halo and leave the new shit to new IPs. I've love it more for that series to have some God Of War type reboot revival that is bigger then the past games, but as each entry comes out and does poorly, I realize maybe people are done with Halo or 343 doesn't care anymore or something. Its hard to pin point exactly where the wrong is here too. Could be MS, could be 343, could be COD and Fortnite, could be jaded gamers, could be a combination of all of that.


I highly disagree. This was a return to form. Not fantastic, but very good.

The banter with cortana and mc was gtrat, anf the level design felt engaging.

They could have done a lot more with the open world, but this is easily recommended. The most important thing is that it truly feels like Halo far more than 4 and 5 ever did.

Might be the Joe Staten effect, I don't know, but as a Halo fan since 2001,I felt right at home.

We'll agree to disagree. I've also been playing Halo from day 1, but found this game to be the worst so far campaign wise.

However, multiplayer is fantastic. I'd recommend the multiplayer all day, but I'd bust disrespectful nut all over the poor campaign.


It's a very mediocre campaign and a very mediocre open world. Plus it assumes you know the story of previous games so even if it's not your priority you'll still likely have a bad time not knowing what's happening. If you really want to experience it then doing it "for free" on Game Pass if your answer.


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Considering the question I'm asking I think the following is more appropriate:

Anyway, GAF has spoken.

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For now at least.
Currently 51.8% for, 48.2% against.

I gamepass'd the game if that matters.
But have the disks for every other non-mobile/DL Halo (yes include Wars and Wars 2)
Im going all digital this gen, so with Gamepass and MS titles never leaving I see no reason to buy games outright.
If I was still collecting physical I would certainly have bought the game.
Halo 5 is by far the weakest.
Infinite has a good gameplay loop, literally one of the best gameplay loops in FPSs in general, The Pilot and AI are good partners to chief.(no spoilers)
People complaining about the bosses yet praising Halo 5 must be drunk, cuz the bosses of Halo 5 are something else, especially without competent co-op partners.(the AI are atrocious at boss fights)

But do what you gotta do.

I would advice you to purchase and play the game for and hour and a half trying to run through the main missions first, if by then it hasnt clicked with you, just refund it.
If you like it, keep it, and explore the overworld.
Problem solved.


If you like halo gameplay, open sandbox & grapple hooks, there is a lot of fun too have.

I really want to do a co op playthrough in the future though.

My only real gripes with the game is a lack of biomes, if the endless expansion ever comes out, I hope it addresses this.

I have a sealed steelbook version on the shelf, but I played via game pass, I tend to buy the games I love :)
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If you played other halo games and somewhat are into the whole more, 50% off is okay. If you're new to halo or play more for gameplay than stor, 65% off is at least what I'd recommend you going for. Heck, might be even smarter to go for a month of gamepass and play it for like $1 to not feel scammed by the plot and gameplay... Or rather lack thereof.

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I brought an original xbox just for halo and have loved the series up until the 4th installment, was overjoyed with the marketing on Infinite until the first reveal gameplay. I thought it would draw from it's roots, skip the generic robot enemies and so on. It did that but it didn't feel good anyway. It was my most disappointing game last year. If I could have it un played I would. That's my answer. But a lot of people seems to like it so I might be wrong.
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