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Issue with old PS3 Pulse Elite headphones on PS4. Help?


So I wanted to listen to an album on Spotify. So I dusted off the old Pulse Elite headphones an plugged in the dongle. They work and I get sound, but none of the slider controls on the headset function. The various buttons; sound mode (game, music, etc.), microphone on/off, and the 3D/2D buttons all work, but none of the sliders are doing anything....volume, vibration level or voice/music levels......the headphones act as if volume is slammed to max, vibration slammed to max, and who knows what the voice/music one is set at, none of them make any difference when moving them. When I hit the PS button on the controller, the volume control for headphones is greyed out.

I tried the headphone app, but that just adds or minuses sound modes, which is not the problem (all the sound modes I care about are already in the headphones). I tried plugging it in via USB, then plugging in the dongle in an attempt to properly pair it, but that didn't change anything. I tried the full reset, which is using a pin to reset the dongle and then holding the three buttons on the headset while turning it on.....no difference.

On the PS4, in the "output to headphones" setting, switching between "all audio" or "chat audio" appears to work as the sound stops when changed to chat. In settings/devices it shows the input and output device as simply "USB Headset (Wireless Stereo Headset)", and "Volume Control (Headphones)" is greyed out. "Output to Headphones is set to "All Audio", and "Switch Output Device Automatically" is checked. "Adjust Microphone Level" works and can be adjusted.

As far as I can see, it should be working, but I have no slider controls. Very frustrating. Anyone have any ideas?

Just checked, they are doing the same thing in the PS3.......dongle issues?

As an aside, my old original Sony Stereo headphones (the ones with the ugly squared-off design of the side arms) work as they should, but I thought the sound quality was kind of poor with them.



I got the same headset. Try restarting the dongle with a pin . I try not to use my headphones cause everytime I turn them on they interupt the WiFi console conection. Súper weird.
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